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  1. Hello! I go by RealRichard but my actually alias most people know me by outside of GarnetGaming is Lucid. Ive dabbled in the Staffing Region for over 8 years all the way from your average Helper position to having my spot in every position aside from developing. Ive had my fair share of experience across the board but none of that truly matters if you don’t put it to use. I want to put my experience into helping the GarnetGaming community grow even more to its full potential into an ever expanding community. I am inquiring about a position in which I would manage the Staff/PD Team in which I would be in control of promotions, demotions, removals of the staff team, police department. (This excludes any HRs decision as their decision is always final) I will now be going over a list of QnA questions to answer a few questions before we continue. —— Q: Regarding, experience in which position did you spend most time in? A: I spent most time in Administrative, Management positions mostly leading staff teams, or being in charge of hiring. —— Q: If someone were to abuse on my staff team, what would I do? A: Depending on the circumstance, either removal of staff instantly or put into a probation period temporarily until they have finished their probation, learned their lesson. I feel even in what I did on MilitaryRP a Staff Member should know the rules while deserving of a second chance needs to learn not to repeat their action, discipline is the only way I see just. —— Q: Where can I find a list of your past experience as Staff? A: You can find a few of the many servers I’ve staffed for via the following link, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZOPrupnTrdcIHWjcLPYtRMpTRk_RrSRMImEQ7p75-0/edit This link includes only a few of the many servers I’ve staffed for or helped over the many years of experience I have. —— I seek the following position as I feel I would work best in it, could really help out the team. Given I am not accepted for the higher up managing positions I still seek to help as best as possible. Regarding my experience across GTA V as a whole, I’ve spent countless days on GTA since the day it game out stacking up a total of nearly 2,000 hours across all platforms. FiveM has always interested me since I used to always be a support team member for my friends server before it had shut down last year. Since then I’ve always wanted to expand my staffing over to a bigger server in which I can put my knowledge to use in hopes to make GG more successful than it already is. Please all who read this with any questions, comments, or concerns reply and I will reply to each and every one of you. Any private DMs please send on forums or discord via lcid#8676 Thank you all for your time. +1 Couldn’t think of a better Marshall, hard worker, would be a great pick for the FiveM team.

  3. I want nerfed range on matador..
  4. This application is made for Eggdog. Ingame name: 2GA PVT Eggdog Why He Thinks He Should Become A Beta Tester: Over his time on GarnetGaming.net Military RP | UpdatedHiring Staff Eggdog has worked his way up through the ranks, he was one of the first couple hundred to first join the CS Desert Map in 2018, all the way up to now in the Omega Map. He says he's proven himself to be a hard working man of intelligence and shows team building skills. Eggdog believes with his expertise in pro head glitching he can find spots on the map that might pose potential risk to bug abuse, in which will help in cleaning out all those little bugs that may be left around the map.
  5. Living like larry

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