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Halloween Eve!

Lets hope corona doesn't ruin this one for us 🙂

The countdown has finished!


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  1. i wish i just did it already. but i have no energy to do so, stuck with the pain.

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    2. bishopil
    3. Theta2


      Honestly dude, either get help or just stop. This is a forums website.

    4. Kroms


      Hey if you need someone to talk to you can always add me on steam or discord(Kroms#0001). I can do my best to be there for you as I'm sure other people have offered to do the same, but the community can only do so much to help you, it would do you good to get a therapist/psychiatrist.

  2. gotta ask, you own any vlone? that woo collection wasn't too bad but navs was better

    1. Vlone
    2. Topshot1


      don't disrespect the woo

  3. Come back after a good practice, see my best friend banned. Disappointment. He has been playing for 6 fucking years, OF COURSE HES GOOD

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    2. Jake


      There is good, then there is forgetting to toggle off, spinning, locking onto a Manager and almost massing while toggled good.

    3. Theta2


      He was nodding his head no in the vid

    4. Fetn


      Sasori you don't have to make these types of posts what topshot said I can appeal if I want to right now I am looking at the odds and such but I most likely won't be making an appeal since the odds don't look good. You can believe what you want I won't fight you on it I will just say my side of the story then leave it at that. I'm not mad at anyone its their community it was a unanimous vote and most voted yes. I really just wanted to help out then take a leave in the community once again but I guess my time was cut short. I hope that garnet keeps on going for as long as he can. This community has brought me happiness and a lot of people who I count as close friends that helped me out in bad situations. I wish all of you the best of luck with your endeavors and what ever comes your way.

  4. it was a good try. the pain will be distracted in a couple months. ill make my return once i prove to the disagrees ive changed.

    1. Oatlife


      So you're leaving after your appeal got denied? It seems like you're proving the people who disagreed right after all.

    2. Theta2


      I think he means his return being his return to MRP not GG. I could be wrong though.

    3. Sasori


      You are right @Theta2@Oatlife you are making assumptions, not the best thing to do..

  5. it doesn't end. nothing's right anymore. almost everyone i talk to has pushed me away.

    1. skrt
    2. PrisonNightmare


      I mean if your just talking about people on GG then can you blame them? Your past is going to haunt you no matter what you try to do, mending it takes time. It is possible to do, just look at people like Ozzy and let that motivate you I guess.

    3. Sasori


      @PrisonNightmare I'm just referring to real life things don't worry about it. I know my past will haunt me as well for the server.

  6. pain.

    1. brooklyn


      if you need anyone to talk to.. im here for you, i have no idea who you are but we are apart of the same community so we have to have something in common. im here for you man, heres my discord if you ever need anything or just want to talk 🙂 brooklyn#7667

  7. Damn that sucks because I had just joined back and started playing on SWRP. I'm probably gonna main the murder server now. Sounds like a fun gamemode used to always play it. o7 SWRP.
  8. The Real Xploding?


  9. o7 Ill miss SSO.

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