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  1. Jake

    he knows guns

  2. Hey man I didn’t bitch to you since the first day I already made peace with being 7 points behind but I love seeing the change amongst the rest of the update.
  3. Yeah, but if I understood you correctly, the score increases perpetually. Which will be an awesome way to pay homage to the players who continue to play for months/years and at a high level. Really dope feature imo.
  4. We have our winners! In 1st Place we have: Chef Woolley In 2nd Place we have: Chef Glorbnob In 3rd Place we have: ... a tie! Chef Binladinhoe and Chef Polar Everyone who was included in the poll will receive $5 in credits. Those who finished on the podium will receive $5 + their winnings. 3rd place will split the prize unless either wishes to give the entirety to the other. Thank you everyone for showing us what you got! I'll be in TS the next 3 days to coordinate the prizes.
  5. Good afternoon everyone! I want to give a quick thanks to everyone who participated. I know that personally, I'd want to try every single one of the meals. Voting begins now, and will continue until 11:59 PM PST Tomorrow. https://strawpoll.com/hxs8gs424 Please do not simply vote for your friends or kiss ass, review all of the dishes and vote on which you would most want to eat/try. Winners will be announced Wednesday. Edit: When voting and entering your name, type the name you are most well known by in the community.
  6. A big thank you to everyone who has already participated! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I was out out of town for my buddy's Bachelor Party so I couldn't really check out everyone's meals & messages until now. The contest, due to a handful of people saying they wish they had more time, will be extended through this week and finish this Sunday 9/12! I hope everyone that wants to participate will now have a chance to!
  7. You're more than welcome to provide as many recipes as you'd like! But yes, please clearly note which recipe is the one you are entering into the contest with. I'll take take that into consideration. The holistic cooking experience from start to finish. Be prepared to detail what weapon you used to hunt and how you filleted the meat. Absolutely! Also, everyone please re-read the OP. At the advice of some of you, I added another rule to the competition. Your forums name will have to be written in any way shape or form in both your prep and final pictures.
  8. Please don't Gordon Ramsey my meal when I make it ima cry ong.

    1. AlexConway


      I really want to hear @Ozzy: "It's fucking rawwwwww, you muppet"

  9. Of course! I just don’t want a bunch of half ass microwave or easy meals.
  10. Hello Garnet Gamers! Many of you know that I’m on my way out of here. Fewer of you know that I regularly streamed myself cooking various meals and that cooking is a minor passion of mine. I know of several people in this community who also share a love of cooking and food. I figured that there was no better way to go out than to host one last little give away and hopefully spark some community creativity. The Goal: Cook something. Not cereal, not a Poptart, and not something you just throw in the microwave. Put a little effort into a meal and post it to the thread! In order to participate, you must post a picture of the ingredients/prep, post a picture of the finished meal, and provide a brief (or long if you so wish!) description of your process. The Prize: $5 guaranteed! Just for entering into the contest and providing the required info described above gets you $5 in Garnet Gaming credits. Again, put some effort into it or else I’ll probably just hide your post. We will have THREE big winners! 1st Place: $50 in GG Credits 2nd Place: $25 in GG Credits 3rd Place: $10 in GG Credits The winners will be voted on by a public poll posted after the contest expires. You all will have until next Friday, September 3rd, to enter! Only 1 entry allowed per person. The three Grand Prizes will be in addition to the guaranteed $5 for entering. You are welcome to have your parents, brother, sister, friend, significant other, dog, cat, owl, Epstein, etc. help you cook! Just try to be at least semi-involved in the cooking and/or prep!! UPDATED RULE: Players must include their Forums Name in their before and after pictures. It doesn't matter if it's written, on a tablet, laptop, pc, fridge magnets, etc. As long as you somehow spell out your name, you're good. Very excited to see what dishes y’all can come up with!
  11. Aparh

    im disappointed that you sided with orange over me

    1. Orange


      I dont think he sided with me, he probably didnt laugh at your meme. I thought it was funny tho tbh

  12. hey, been missin u

  13. Ozzy

    Happy birthday former Manager of Garnet Gaming Dark Roleplay Grace. May you finally get to 5’ 🎉🎊

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    2. grace


      thank u maam

    3. hysteria


      shit the cat got outside


    4. skrt


      Shibe is a 6'4 200 pound beast

  14. Jake

    The main takeaway from your CW 2.0 post is that you actually leave adminmode

    1. Ozzy


      V is also my swap shoulder for third person 😕 not trynna fly through the map whenever I’m fucking around in peacetime or peaking a corner in a raid.

    2. Jake


      you damn tryhard


  15. Put out a couple banger posts so you can take 3rd all time rep. B)

    1. Ozzy


      Lol I’ll ask Garnet to use me instead of time next go around.

    2. brokenn


      @Ozzy can never go wrong with posting memes 😉 

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