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  1. Those crates looking a little different
  2. Honestly out of anyone that I would be an ideal manager I have dedicated well over 1500 hours to the servers in game and out. I became a big part of the staff team as i have been here for about a year climbing from chat mod to head admin I have also became a big part of the rust community as a whole. Not only do I think of myself as a big part of the community I think I am a fairly trusted part with more access/permissions then most I have experience with all the required tools and expectations like battlemetrics, loot tables, plugins, ect Over the past year and still ongoing I have devoted lots of my time and energy to the server and I would love to keep doing that on a greater level And if its not obvious im in this for the long haul and would love to stay in it for the long haul A serious consideration to my application would be greatly appreciated
  3. green name lookin kinda cute

  4. sexy mf

    1. ajbedhead


      my boy lookin fresh always 

  5. I don't know why but this pizza looks so damn good, looks like one you would get from a local pizza shop where everyone is on a first name basis with the owner
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