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  1. woolley wtf get back on

  2. you haven't even say goodbye to me and left me in silence

    I made it, my trainer, Im admin now and Im going manager for you.
    Promise me u'll be back when I hit manager

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      i miss you wolley come back we need this you were the only one who told me other wise i need more advice in this world :classic_sad:

  3. We miss you woolley. 😞

  4. dude when you coming back online 

  5. Congratulations to everyone, some wicked dishes, talented people, you should all be proud!
  6. sir @Shin_Tsukimiis a liar, he did not scare me to death !

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      why do i have more profile views then woolley even tho he was in the community longer

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      cuz ur a meme

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      wha what do you mean im a meme

  7. Seasoned slow roasted Chicken breast with rich tomato coulis, served with vermicelli pasta. Ingredients: 1 chicken breast 3-4 tomatoes 1 small onion 2 cloves of garlic Basil (fresh) if not dried, leaf to garnish Tomato Passata Beef stock cube Olive oil Mature cheddar cheese Salt and paper Method: First start preheating your oven to 180 degrees Celsius / 360 degrees Fahrenheit / Gas mark 5, whilst your oven preheats, using a little olive oil, brush over chicken breast, season and place onto a tray ready to be put into the oven, once heated. Next cut tomato s, into ¼ pieces, onion into ¼ and peel 2 cloves of garlic. Place all of these onto another tray and coat with a fair amount of olive oil and again don’t forget to season. Once your oven is heated, you’ll want to pop the chicken in and start to cook for about 10 minutes and after that place your vegetables in and cook all together for another 25 minuets. Once down to your last 10 minuets of your chicken and veg cooking, bring some water to the boil, add salt and once at a rolling boil add pasta and cook for 10 minuets until Al dente (to the tooth) or soft, drain and leave to one side. Once your timer is up, remove chicken and veg from oven, slice into the chicken to make sure its cooked, if any pink remains, put back in until cooked. With veg, place into a nutri ninja (other variations acceptable) or a food processor, blend until smooth or coulis. Into a pan goes your coulis, then on a low heat, adding half a cup of tomato passata and your stock cude. Lightly chopping some basil and adding it. Once hot, adding a little to your pasta and serving with chicken, and cheese to garnish.
  8. Community Management I would be absolutely be honoured to fill in this position, I've put a lot of time into Dark RP, becoming staff back in May and as of recent been made a T admin in little as 3 months, as mentioned all that time ago back in my application, I want to give back to the community that has given so much to me already in such a short space of time, not only friends, but memories, I've had plenty of discussions in the past with higher ups about situations and how to handle them as my IRL job, as a security manager / hotel receptionist has given me many skills dealing with people, complaints, money etc. The community of GG changes all the time and I strive to see it grow and become something more, personally to see Garnet gaming as a brand would be fantastic, something to push for and to help happen. Some more personal statements, that may help in successfully obtaining the position I'm seeking, I have great time management, as mentioned before, because of my job, its a key part of my current position I have at work, I have 0 warns, bans and accepted appeals to date and my Garnet forums reputation is increasing with every post I make. As mentioned before I would love to help over see the development of the servers and how we can improve little to major things upon them, the forums and discord as well. I heavily enjoy computer based work and typing out documents and managing my life for example, from calculations to finding the best deals on IRL items, I write it all down, document it and record in goings and out goings for all transactions and more, as also again this is part of my job IRL as well. I'm also currently studying Health and social care at college with a dream of becoming a Psychologist. With all this information given about myself I hope I have fighting chance of successfully obtaining the position.
  9. 10/10 profile picture I love it

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      BURGER WITH A GUN !!!!



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      Hey you cant do that thats prop block ! 

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