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  1. i knew Gamma back in 2019 when i first started playing. Sad to know that when i come back to the server he’s gone. i’ll never see him again. he was always kind, respectful, and a great leader. Vega was lucky to have him. If you’re reading this and have anything you would like to vent or get off your chest, please contact either me or an officer or a staff member. we’d be very happy to talk with you. Rest In Peace Gamma, 2GA Salutes you. I’ll never forget when i was running around saying “i just got SNS!” in voice chat. Gamma stopped and simply said “congratulations, buddy”. that was back
  2. 2GA KST Cupid. super intrested in the new map. wanna test it out as i didnt get to the last two times. cant wait!
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