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  1. Imagine having back issues, old man jk amazing update cant wait to play this.
  2. nice job raiding spawn!

  3. where's ur evidence that the player is hacking?

    1. Ozzy


      Yeah, Wyatt! Where is your evidence for the ban that is over 2 years old and not even your ban? Huh??

  4. Its called "make a suggestion" your just one person complaining too it seems https://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/forum/20-suggestions/
  5. I think Garnet tends to avoid people resigning and fully switching to staff on another server normally. I’m sure he’ll announce what he’s thinking soon cool update , hope it stays up.
  6. If you do not have any valuable information for the Staff member dealing with the Appeal/Report, do not respond to the thread (i.e. no +1/-1 comments)0




    1. Towelieee


      I thought my response stated some good reasons on why NOT to accept the ban appeal. With the information I was giving out, I was not only trying to help the person who posted the repeal with the reasoning on why he got banned for ban evasion, but also say my opinion on the situation.

      My bad for replying to the ban appeal with little knowledge of the report, but they did not state a name nor any information about them. I'll remember this information for next time.

  7. msg me on discord hoe, i forgot ur discord name lol

  8. These guys are the best applicants, I can’t choose one because i think both of them would be great managers. If they can both be managers , i would do it. I’m sure they can work well with each other as they been doing it for several months already without any issue. I seen both of them rise the ranks and they both equally deserve it from what i have seen/know. I just can’t pick one, i played with both. Tdizz is a great semi serious guy / aiden brings more personality. i think Tdizz has been doing alot, i would give him first shot if i had to pick one. He’s been the guy who getiing more used to role anyway.
  9. stop bitching and Moaning 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tdizz


      gunner bro chill out....

    3. ChrisRid


      The thread was about changing the raiding rules, and so my post was completely on-topic sharing my personal thoughts.

      Please keep the debate on-topic and in thread, rather than resorting to personal attacks. It doesn't look good.

    4. Horseyyy


      @ChrisRid dw whilst you are missing printers optic is missing a sense of maturity.

  10. homie just make a PayPal acct , it’s fast and easy 

  11. fix the point system on 1000x (can’t afk points and timer doesn’t add up when idle even for seconds)
  12. The major issue I saw was the point system broken and not allowing AFK. I made it known to proggy and overall hopefully it gets fixed soon. like tdizz said expect loot table changes soon Also the player count seems fine on all days , reaching 70-80 players per day. I’ll take some of these points and do my best to expand upon it for suggestions
  13. can I get my error playermodel back sir. I’ll pay Any price to walk around as that again


    1. Nutter


      old report system, holy shit

    2. IAreGunner


      Old Party System+Old HUD. I think this was March of 2016?

      E44684EA25B6EBDD06C5EB6C81D746D5200A3378 (1024×600)

  14. dream my good friend. 
    you need eyes 

  15. Used to be the RU base clarifying your comment. love the map.
  16. If every shot could be explained , explain it? It’s been well over a year and you done nothing?

    1. IAreGunner


      Also waited more then a month , If you’re adamant that your ban is false why did you wait? 

    2. Lancey Armstrong

      Lancey Armstrong

      i didnt wait. Ive made like 3+ reports and tried getting in contact with proggy and diego and shin regarding my ban and its been the same response for a while

  17. Britt Baker GIF - Britt Baker GIFs


    1. Frosty


      dont really understand what this means but sure


  18. wtf are you on? i can't remember the last time rust got a update before this current update?

    what a brainless fucking comment "SWRP and rust get so much love"

    SWRP is a new server that requires the updates to allow it too last a longer than it usually does 

    Rust got its last update in fucking November 

    1. S0UL


      Bro not rust but kinda SWRP, and i never said that lol.

    2. S0UL



      Rust got its last update in fucking November 


  19. good morning shingod

  20. is it just me that when I look at the new player models coming in have some big fucking
  21. love the new shit , good update but........... GO TO BED.
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