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  1. Don't reply on apps if you don't know the person please .

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      gunner how did you make it to the rank of Tali MAJ just curious lol jk jk should definetly play rust wit me doe


    4. Romulus


      rooting for you gunner, cant wait to see you pass ting in cringe reacts

  2. you smell

    1. evo


      ur a simp.

    2. brooklyn


      evos a simp

    3. evo


      u simp for me the fuck u on

  3. wats ur discord sir, for custom zombs

    1. Captainswag


      Swag#9545 - but A) I’m not home til tomorrow, and B) I need to reinstall the game

  4. Do you have 2x Perms?

  5. I'm really happy to see that managers could really do more , I'm really happy that it looks like we're getting a good chance to community something that will have a positive change and something that will be very beneficial Just a quick question How would I be able to apply for the manager position for rust?
  6. Check my steam messages.

  7. In game name: IAreGunner Age: 18 Why do I feel I'm qualified for this position: I would first like to say that I'm sure I'm not that qualified for this position. I never once held a leadership type role or a managing type role for anything. The most I've held was a trial admin roll on dark RP but this position is far way more important than that role. As my time being a rust staff member I understood that we are in a desired need for staff , most importantly developing a staff team that can work well with each other, that can work well with the overall player base and do their jobs at the best of their ability. Even though we're in a desired need for staff of course that should be the main focus as it's very important, there are definitely other things that need to be looked at. I understand It's also very important to keep a line of communication with all staff members So everyone's able to reach out to everyone making sure everything's going well especially for the lower staff members maybe needing a higher staff member to do a ban or lower staff members needing help with something. As I said before I have very little experience really holding a type of role like this and it's going to be a learning experience for me to really get adjusted to it. But I'm also very excited to learn , I'm excited to be able to help all the servers grow , I'm excited to make sure the overall player base is happy, I totally understand there are definitely going to be some players that are not happy It's the way it's going to be they're going to be players that are not going to like your leadership or just the way you're not doing things. I'm sure I'm not going to be the best at this position I'm sure I'm going to make a few mistakes down the road And hopefully throughout those mistakes I'll learn how to be better, I'll learn how to correct those mistakes. Throughout my time as a officer and a higher staff member on dark RP, I learned a bit more about leadership and how important it is with a staff team. Overall, as I may have very little experience at holding a role like this, I'm really excited to learn I'm excited to be a better leader, I'm also excited to be able to help out the servers But also help out the community that I love. I understand that I may not play on all the servers. And for some of the servers they have a different play style but I'm definitely excited to be able to go on those server, learn the play style and learn the player base on the other servers that I relatively don't play on.
  8. I always played MRP I just never been consistently active. I would play certain periods of my time here. mained Mrp for a good week recently but then my attention turned somewhere else. But I used to play a ton while back. Yeah I'm definitely inactive but I think it would be unfair to say people are just abusing the system now. It was always an issue big or little it was just never really addressed in a way like this. And yes I held an officer position. I was a MAJ back then.
  9. Even though you have 9 hours I definitely would like to see you apply again when you meet the time. I'm not the one to look so deeply into the sentences but it looks like he put some level of effort.  You should also hop into the team speak as you know You can get to know the community better.

    1. JackDanielss


      i will make sure to apply back after i meet the 72 hours recruiment and thank you man i will hop on teamspeak now

  10. Still Play Ring?

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      Oh I haven't played that in a long time

    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      adding u on steam

    4. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Wats ur steam

  11. For leftover credits after you make a purchase and let's say that maybe you want to save these credits, do they eventually expire I'm assuming they don't? Another thing about leftover credits I was thinking maybe a good suggestion would be adding a donation to where it's not giving you anything but it's just like allowing you to donate leftover credits to have If you want to get rid of your credits instead of saving them. Like basically just give money for no really benefit in game to you as the user.
  12. Appreciate the notice If you have any free time I would love to to talk to you about my old custom class ( you told me to contact you on steam months ago about it and I kind of did but I got no answer back so I assumed you were busy with something)
  13. Thank you for being a really good owner and for creating this wonderful community. As I said before to be here for 5 years Is a big thing to me. And I can't wait to see How my future goes on this community and I definitely would like to make the best out of it I'm also very thankful to be able to meet new community members and to be able to enjoy my time on the server with a nice group of people that I enjoy being around.
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