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  1. Where’d the evidence? 

    1. poopa
    2. Cautious1


      When will you reach positive rep 

    3. Theta2
  2. shinpost made a shitpost GET IT LOL

  3. It looks like there’s a lot to do with the bases is there a delay with the release for the map?
  4. sir you never removed my warning point.

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    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      He would rather suck his toes then do that LOL. He said he would rather fuck himself then give me a rust mod rank 

    3. Zachman


      Unfortunately Fourm mods do not have the perms to get rid of warns so he will have to do it himself 

    4. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan

      thats when you just do this Next warning he gets give him 0 warning points and the note to member stating the reason for 0 was due to his old one not being removed

  5. didn’t you introduce me to the server? Like we met on a prop hunt so long ago.

    1. Smitty


      idk if i did it was a mistake lmaooooo

  6. Will be able to eventually build on roofs? i think it could be a neat idea
  7. woah! look at ur rep.........

    1. brooklyn


      woah!!! look at yours big man!! we miss u on the 1000x 😞

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      mayb ill come back soon, im at midterms for college basically.. 


    3. brooklyn


      yucky but i wish you the best of luck with everything 

  8. congrats on staff u smelly nerd, very well deserved pick. always knew you would apply soon ( not really but fuck off) 

    u smelly nerd

    1. evo


      Thank you man ❤️

  9. Really not liking the " Reward Points will be automatically reset following a server wipe But other then that cool update.
  10. I mean being honest I really like the idea of the mayor not being able to build, If it is possible can you just make doors in the PD take much longer though to lock pick, maybe not much longer but considerable amount, And to give the mayor a little benefit maybe make it to where he can make more money? Like maybe for every lottery he gets 2% or maybe up to 5% depending on the amount that's won or make it easy and just make the salary a lot more than what it is.
  11. Don't reply on apps if you don't know the person please .

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    2. Aparh



    3. Fetn


      gunner how did you make it to the rank of Tali MAJ just curious lol jk jk should definetly play rust wit me doe


    4. Romulus


      rooting for you gunner, cant wait to see you pass ting in cringe reacts

  12. you smell

    1. evo


      ur a simp.

    2. brooklyn


      evos a simp

    3. evo


      u simp for me the fuck u on

  13. wats ur discord sir, for custom zombs

    1. Captainswag


      Swag#9545 - but A) I’m not home til tomorrow, and B) I need to reinstall the game

  14. Nice Update, love the New Models.
  15. Do you have 2x Perms?

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