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  1. Appreciate the notice If you have any free time I would love to to talk to you about my old custom class ( you told me to contact you on steam months ago about it and I kind of did but I got no answer back so I assumed you were busy with something)
  2. Why should we vouch for something if we don't even know if it's true or not? We can't just make assumptions
  3. I'm going to put trust in you that you can handle a lot of these ranks. I knew you for a long time and you really never once gave me that hint that you're an immature person. Your a great guy and I'm sure you would do good as a TTT staff member +1
  4. -1 I'm giving this a -1 Really because it's just lacking some proof. I understand the situation and it could totally be just a misunderstanding. Does it show really any big sign of minging? No I think you both definitely acted a little immature during this though I'm really. this is something that just should have been handled in game or should have been brought to a higher up in the darkrp staff community. Does it look like he intended to spam you're @ chat? I don't think so. I think this could have definitely been handled in a better manner
  5. -1 Ark I think you're a cool dude, Don't get me wrong I'm sure you could do well in the job. But I didn't have the best experience with you on drp. I just think you're a bit immature and I just think you don't think before you do.
  6. Thank you for being a really good owner and for creating this wonderful community. As I said before to be here for 5 years Is a big thing to me. And I can't wait to see How my future goes on this community and I definitely would like to make the best out of it I'm also very thankful to be able to meet new community members and to be able to enjoy my time on the server with a nice group of people that I enjoy being around.
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