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  1. Isn't it fun when you record for 30 hours straight all for it to end up corrupted?  That's what just happened to me with SWRP...

  2. Anyone else having issues of editing their signatures with a YouTube link inside of it?

  3. Can't wait for SCP RP, if Garnet can make that, then it'll be a blast, I just hope that it won't end up like a lot of other servers SCP RP's where RP is involved but there's barely any interaction with D-Class and D-Class are just murdered consistently.


    Don't want to @ Garnet but if he does see this.  I have been practicing with map making but I know for a fact I'll never be able to reach the map making skills of you & your previous map makers for a long time.  I would love to see Garnet do some more Live Stream map making to learn about map making more.


    Still having issues with 3D Skybox though being an issue and not wanting to work...

  4. I may be returning back, however so not to MRP.

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    2. [GG] Van

      [GG] Van

      104th mascot

    3. Kazdra | Beast

      Kazdra | Beast

      I might try out SWRP and shoot for the 104th Battalion 🐺

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