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  1. why are you reacting to a post made in 2019

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Krim1


      Mans merked

    3. trench
    4. Clicher


      Just for that, imma react to your first post.

  2. oh shit lemme reschedule the meeting because you cant attend mb

    sorry sir


    1. Clicher


      How to mess with slackers

    2. Tora1


      suck ass

  3. why are you so mean to me


    1. Ozzy


      Cause you always take greens 

  4.  whore

    1. skrt


      Peace and love baby

  5. bitch

    1. skrt


      Don't call my husband that

    2. Krim1


      holay famolay

    1. Tora1


      Everyone thinks you're retarded

    2. Aparh


      😞 Just bringing up old memories 

  6. coming back just to grind them achievements. B) Great update
  7. SMGs: Average Dmg from 27 > 32 Have the Range 75-100 Firerate Ranging from 800-1000 instead of 800-1200 Have hip spread range around 30-40% Spread per shot 7.5%-15% Max Spread Inc 25-35% Recoil 30-45% AR: Average dmg 33 > 38 Firerate 600-800 Hip spread is good at 45-50% Spread per shot now 10-20% Max spread inc now 40-55% Recoil 35-50% LMGs: Damage is good besides M249. Maybe have it range 38-42 Fire rate 600-650 or just 600 flat Hip spread 70-80% Spread per shot 5-10% Max spread inc 35-45%
  8. 0JabkZi.png

    1. Tora1


      Ok and??

    2. Krim1


      top you are 5'4 and bald

    3. Krim1


      Hella gamer neck

  9. Map looks great, Not sure if this is the thread to post this on but I'm sure it'd be great if you were able to add like concrete barriers or such scattered around obj's. Just so we're able to utilize LMG's more by mounting them and providing support fire on the CQC OBJ's.
  10. Now I wonder what’s a good reason to get those breaching charges on Vega Commander awesome update
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