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  1. It looks amazing, I can't wait to play on this map and also I am super excited about the weapon changes which i hope come soon.
  2. NOOOOOOOO this is a sad day. Other then that this is a nice update!
  3. daily #freeshax 

  4. what happened tanhk?

  5. I love this so much i cant wait for it to work
  6. This would be a cool addition. A lot of people gamble using /roll so this would be a nice thing for all the gambling addicts.
  7. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:434809053 Months active within the community: Around 5 months. In what ways would I benefit the beta-testing session: I would help find bugs and small details that need fixing, such as broken doors, glitches in floors/rocks, and anything else I find. Also I can test out different combat situations and see if anything needs to be added to the map.
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