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  1. I've been inactive in this community for a while, but nothing made me jump on forums faster than hearing the news. Never a bad experience with this man. Gamma was a large part of why I joined Vega. He was bright and funny. His shenanigans could cheer anyone up, were always welcome, and were a big part of why I got on. He was very empathetic to my situation after Vega was cleared, and just an understanding guy overall. This made seeing him leave the factions and server a sad affair, and subsequently, his passing. Gamma taught me seriousness in what matters and kindness in everything. It
  2. yo you alive?

  3. you are dumbstinkman aim wallbot becose bad at gaming ?

  4. This looks fuckin' awesome. I'm excited for some halloween funtimes on the server.
  5. This update looks really cool. I'm very excited.
  6. I like the XP per kill system. I was thinking about rewards for kills; maybe like 1 credit every kill during war.
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