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  1. It's true, we have quite the upper management team and we're generally good friends. The lower side is just a little confused on how the power share works, I'll go into more detail. When people apply for staff on the server, their original thoughts are power. Which most won't admit to it since it gives off a bad light, but it's true! The power to run the server and be more in control of others. It's like America in the 1900's where slavery was a thing. Nobody in the south wanted to get rid of it because of their status. As bad as that seems it's literally what happened. Humans like to be above others. This is the vibe I'm getting off of @ZachDLC in an indirect way. Now I know Zach realizes he won't get a position straight away but I feel as if something fishy might be going on where he's trying to spread out the divisions into 3 people in order to increase the chances of one of us having our privileges taken away. This might be a stretch but hey, it had to go through my mind too. Now this could be false and I might just be super imaginative but it's still fun to think about. Anyways, no. I'm not going to just hand over a subdivision to someone else without me clearly seeing they really deserve it. With the whole manager topic, I really don't mind if I'm manager or not. I really do believe hex and possibly proggy being manager would be a great improvement to the team. Now the points against proggy could be true but he does his job well. I got on a couple days ago and proggy was doing his job and acting like a higher up. I feel like him in a management position could be well. Lastly, I appreciate the fact that most staff in our current team has a mindset to help but some of us aren't the same. Having 3 different directors for subdivisions would be quite a disaster. I could pull references from last year but I won't mention names. A subdivision was handed off to a recently new higher up, he changed it around a bit and ended up losing it because he wasn't very active and the subdivision was basically ruined. Next, it was given to someone else who had to fix it. They promised to fix it but didn't touch it ever since. They made other people do work for them and they were okay with it. Lastly it was handed off to someone who knew what they were doing and had the mindset to improve rather than "carry on". Would I like to repeat this process? No. I'm someone who likes to see change and improvement as well, so I won't be handing it off to nobody. One day when someone proves to me that they can handle subdivisions then I'll consider allowing them to be an assistant director. Until then, the divisions are running fine and I'm constantly working on them. TL;DR Just do your job really, if everything is running fine then there's no need to change. Don't fix what's not broken.
  2. Well if you hadn't noticed, we only have 1 manager. Also I used to manage all 3 for a day which was fine but then I handed operators to hex since he wanted it. If I ever let someone else take over a subdivision, it'd be Gamemasters but I have too many plans for that right now that I couldn't just stop. I don't know what benefits it would be to shove workload onto another staff. :shrug:
  3. Spread the workload? What do you mean?
  4. I'm thinking of learning how to code with C++ but I have memory issues so learning code takes me significantly longer. I have taken courses for javascript and still don't know how to even begin. I'll be for real, lua is the only language that I've been able to learn for the most part and I'm not even close to mastering that. If you have any sites that offer clear (and affordable) learning then I might start learning how to code games myself.
  5. What language would you recommend personally?
  6. I saw a game once that was a completely huge game that you could do absolutely anything in. You could build your house step by step, you could micromanage your entire person and the community itself could be run by mayors and shit. It was like the next generation of sims. Too bad it never released because only 3 fucking people could run the damn thing. That's quite off topic but usually when I see games that are similar to other ones then I heavily judge it. (COD Modern Warfare battlepass and shit makes me cringe, they even changed the icon to season 1 like wtf is wrong with you)
  7. You really want to burn a 16 year old alive because she pulled up a valid claim that you don't like how she expressed it? This is a forums for fucks sake, pull yourself together.
  8. Entity

    A Story

    -firing the gun at the staff, he decided it would be best to
  9. Just imagine creating powerful weapons to shoot your own species.
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