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  1. Well I'm glad there's some changes being made that may improve the stability of the server, regardless if it removes one of our prime features.
  2. Oh hey, you're Rust SA, definitely would've been my choice as well.

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    2. Tora1



    3. Wasdin


      @Ozzy 3 games, 5 doubles tho

    4. 0zzy


      ResidentSleeper  OPS 💤 

      Coach Kent Murphy clearly hasn’t gotten through to you.

  3. Today is my birthday and I got really sick, I hate this world for real. Why does sickness need  to exit like cmon who invented it.

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    2. Enigma


      Ayyy, that's whats up!! Happy birthday Entity! 

    3. Captainswag


      Happy Bday man, hope you are feeling better soon mate

    4. Ting


      feliz navidad!

  4. damn dude out here with a Susie PFP.
    Man of culture right here even tho Legion is an ass tier killer.

    1. Entity


      Sad that I only have default killers so far.

  5. Imagine imagining that you can imagine

  6. Now I can't exactly deal with TTT reports but spilq will be spoken to about his behavior to make sure it doesn't move on to DarkRP, making a bad name for Garnet Staff. This is especially concerning someone who made themselves known in the HR subdivision and one of their main priorities is to mentor staff into their best condition. This upsets me @Spilq2 and I hope I never see it again. @Garnet Not too sure who can resolve TTT reports but I know you can, do your magic.
  7. I agree. Getting millions should be an accomplishment, rather than being easy. Guns and stuff is cheap compared to what you can get from a printer. Hopefully you can make this work if you decide to do it. I'll be ready for this wipe.
  8. One person is annoyed by the ping spoofing; Facepunch:
  9. Appreciate it, I'd like to see the forums become more organized. I've seen some awesomely constructed forums for gaming communities and I'm hoping Garnet turns the same.
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