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  1. fire cover photo

  2. Gamma was someone I've known for 3 years now. Done a lot with him in the past but as I distanced myself from playing in the community, I haven't been in much contact with him. He was a great person who was always fun to be around, play with and against and even do things with outside of the community. It really hits hard to hear he's gone, he was an amazing person. Thank you for everything Gamma, may you rest in peace. Here's from when we were both Vega officers and snuck into Ranger bunks to take pictures with their turtle.
  3. kiss

    1. Pencil



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  4. Bushes often just have a 1 sided advantage since there is often a render limit put on them that is more than often open to a huge sight line, making the bush useless since a sniper from far away, still sees you. Id say move away from bushes if this is gonna be the approach to them again (though still have a few for aesthetics). Spots that stick out to me rn are just the sand hills and large dunes since it does give snipers quite a bit of cover and height advantage over an area, especially a desert. Again I believe I said this in an earlier thread but trenches could help if done right that
  5. Delta. Basecamp was an issue forsure but with the sniper nerf I think it will be a bit harder for people to run out to common spots considering how flat the map is at some points. Notable spots were the "palm rocks" for basecamp. A counter to this could potentially be adding trench routes in the sand or viable cover spots, maybe something like the bunkers used around the map on TaigaForest/Siberia. One major thing I will suggest though, is remove the RAVINE/easter egg. PUSH WAREHOUSE and SILO into the back corners of the map instead of how far they stick out rn. For a map with 3 OBJ's the
  6. This is by no means an official response as to how dono class guns will be. However I will say this, dono guns are nerfed as they are meant to expand your arsenal, not outright out class other guns of said class. Thus dono-classes will more than likely be on par with other guns of their class. There might be some changes to them though in other ways to help guns be unique.
  7. blacked out pfp foh today 😢

  8. "Who are your officers" "Captain fart box" ah yes, harder. thank u for shotgun fix and ur work.
  9. This entire change really did nothing. Actually it feels that shotguns are stronger from this. In addition to this the Neostead is gone from anyone who owned it's inventory and it doesn't show in the Q-Menu.
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