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  1. This is by no means an official response as to how dono class guns will be. However I will say this, dono guns are nerfed as they are meant to expand your arsenal, not outright out class other guns of said class. Thus dono-classes will more than likely be on par with other guns of their class. There might be some changes to them though in other ways to help guns be unique.
  2. blacked out pfp foh today 😢

  3. "Who are your officers" "Captain fart box" ah yes, harder. thank u for shotgun fix and ur work.
  4. This entire change really did nothing. Actually it feels that shotguns are stronger from this. In addition to this the Neostead is gone from anyone who owned it's inventory and it doesn't show in the Q-Menu.
  5. time to main mrp again, honey badger on credit store 🙂

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    2. Phantom
    3. Pencil


      If only it was on par with the other donor assault rifle or at least offered a unique viable option compared to the aek :).

    4. Phantom


      Thank you for your valid concern! The staff team will work to get this issue pushed to the developer!

  6. Hey, are you still the SWRP Super Admin? I have a question.

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      He gave himself reserves.

  7. Things like this that count as just a straight buff for grinding imo will only give an unrealistic advantage and un-intended consequences balance wise for over-looked weapons, etc. Something I would think would be really unique though would be the possibility of unlocking custom attachements through the skill tree. Something like, a new receiver? That increases firerate slightly but reduces damage due to less force in the bullet being exerted. Something along those lines I think could fit perfectly if we're looking for grindy stat boost type things. When it comes to the proposed thin
  8. he is pink.

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    2. eli_


      ugly pink gang 😞 

  9. Were the trees removed to highlight the terrain changes or will it be that open?
  10. Just finished setting up my new pc and I come back to this. Fucking amazing. CQC finna be fun. Love the community-pulled updates man. Also I love that you brought the ST6 models back into the server's files, they look great. (They might have always been there, idk. From what I remember you removed them from the pack for faster DL)
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