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  1. In-game name: 1stSFODD OPT Luxord Reason: I'm interested in seeing the early stages of the redesign. I've experienced quite a few maps in my time on MRP allowing me to make comparisons, and may add potentially useful balancing and aesthetic feedback (or other ideas).
  2. I'm not sure what you've tried so far for this, but you should be able to call the GetPos function on the victim and/or the attacker in your PlayerDeath function.
  3. The blame legitimately lies on you in the end. While I agree that the MRP community that we have is super entitled for no reason, you have made questionable decisions on the basis of "keeping the average pop count up" - resorting to using bots, swapping maps for zero reason, the people you continue to put in charge (D Rose, Jim, and Aidan are excluded from this, Kendal as well). (The first two sentences above can be seen as hostile, so after writing everything else I decided to remove them but instead think it's important to keep it readable for fluidity) And the "refusing help" port
  4. Using attachments rather than a standard buff through the skill tree will allow you to provide negative effects to the weapon, providing balance even if it creates competitive advantage. I'd argue that giving players the ability to increase their firerate, damage, and their magazine size using the skill tree creates an even more unbalanced competitive advantage over the unlocking of attachments. The same goes for movement speed and armor, and even further for things like Elite classes. Would the skill tree affect things on something like RPG or Juggernaut?
  5. The bind randomly swaps from F6 and Insert (I've seen both, F6 on my desktop, Insert on a laptop), so the issue could potentially be a misunderstanding of what the bind actually is. Are there any clientside errors when using thirdperson at any point? Any errors when changing values? Asking just in case but I would have expected you to have already shared them if there were some.
  6. Well said. Lack of leadership and authority in the wrong places promotes people to abuse such a thing, and develop habits that are unfair in gameplay by having the focus be kills rather than following orders. I'm hoping this changes over time and that the server (gameplay, combat, and roleplay) are taken more seriously, game or not, people are passionate about whatever they're passionate about and it isn't right to shame them for it (unless appropriate, such as something morally wrong but this conversation isn't one on politics and the like). Lighting, CC, and fog are all pretty pow
  7. You seem to say you don't want to start stuff a lot. Starting to get to the point where you just seem to like calling people out and starting arguments on forums. Entirely unwarranted calling somebody out on an MRP update that has nothing to do with SWRP, not to mention the fact that complaining about a lack of updates (whether that's true or not) is not the same as complaining about an update the community had wanted and voted for. On to the update: Personally dislike Delta. Too open of a map, especially having come from cscdesert to Delta on its first release. I know people
  8. He makes a valid argument, just like a few other people on this thread who oppose it. The main point of bringing it up though is his generalization that the people who are opposed are only thinking of themselves so they can keep a powerless rank on a fictional roleplay server that they don't seem to play, and how they'll leave eventually because they are "short term" (the connotation of his statement didn't sit right, and although it is an assumption it read as though players are just disposable and meaningless). Some of the people who oppose the removal of reserves are active leaders. Everybo
  9. Saying you resigned permanently implies that you don't intend to return to the server. If you have no intention to return to the server, then there is no reason for you to have reserves. I originally disagreed with the decision to remove reserves. I've thought about it more and I agree. I think that this could have been dealt with better by giving the community a heads up and hearing out those who are opposed, rather than jumping to the toxic response of "wah wah" like @Bishopil essentially did (although he really isn't wrong) and doing it without full community discussion.
  10. People aren't arguing against why the team felt it was necessary to remove reserves as a whole. Most, if not all, of the responses to this thread that are against the removal of reserves address the issues surrounding how reserves previously worked. So the argument is that removing reserves is not the right call and would be an extreme solution to the problem (and to be plain honest: this community has a repeating theme of going in directions that may be harmful down the line when faced with a serious problem). The guidelines were definitely something that needed to be put into place. The
  11. It wasn't done "all at once" and was definitely phased out a bit prior to making the final decision. Aidan, Jim, and Garnet had felt that it was best to actually define and utilize a guideline when it came to reserves: reserves were only for officers (O-1, of course) and players who were considered "on reserves" had no officer powers (with few exceptions in activities requiring permission from the leader of their faction). More of a confirmed (there were rumors that this was likely gonna happen) heads-up would've been nice so that people who had potentially wanted to return using their re
  12. Small spiel as I'm not active in the community much (if at all?) anymore. The way you've shared how this "case-by-case" will work is unfortunately likely the best you'll get with a system that won't be abused, so long as it doesn't extend past legitimate reasons for an extended absence - meaning absolutely nobody should be given a special case as a previous leader for any reason. (yeah, the rest of my post is rather useless, do note I don't agree with it and I'm upset that it had to come to this but I understand that it was well required). Entirely understand how reserves in the state
  13. I believe its the same vehicle selection we had on Delta. I can take a look here in a minute to see what options we get for RU and US to be sure, though. Thanks for the update Garnet. Although it was mostly just tedious optimizations and fixes, watching you map over this weekend was a nice experience. Rarely get to see somebody mapping in action and all. Here are the vehicle choices: RU has a car and a truck while US gets the Humvee https://imgur.com/a/oiIX7Tf
  14. I believe that is what they mean. You have to sit and hold 'E' for a bit to get max ammo.
  15. Both gates at US base work as intended (with the button), so its just RU that is borked.
  16. I'm curious about how this was implemented (and yes, I know Garnet is likely resting from all of the time he spent working last night), and have a question. I know it says "all users", but does this block people from using Family Share entirely, or does it block people who may be using Family Share maliciously, ie. they have a banned account which is lending it to some alt account?
  17. Welp, there goes my AEK sniping. In all seriousness great update for balance. I'm glad that soon there will be no more crouch-spamming while jumping AND that I won't have to swap out of third-person when I want to take a shot with my Mosin.
  18. Eh, was just commenting. May post a suggestion eventually though.
  19. (I do understand the reasoning and why it would seem to be better in the sense of 'less-TDM' gameplay, but it is somewhat to the extreme) The extra 15 minutes for peace time is nice (especially for tryouts, you have no idea how much help 15 extra minutes can be). The cap time for an objective is a bit too long though. It doesn't seem like it but if the total cap time were a bit shorter (say by around 5 minutes, so a tick every 30-something seconds?) and we kept it as objectives stay locked but if no percent from the opposing country is on that objective 2 minutes 'after capture' (any perc
  20. Looks great! Excited to get back to running OC again. And I'm liking US base so far.
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