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  1. Will Republic High Command also be given this Specialist Cert's since we are in charge of managing all certifications?
  2. Oh this is EPIC. thank you garnet, proggy & remake
  3. I am very interested in this position and I'd like to pitch why I would make a qualified candidate. Why?; One of the most obvious questions upon interviewing a person of interest is "why?", why chose me over any other candidate, what separates me from the rest? The answer is simple, outside of gaming and playing across multiple Garnet Servers/Networks, my real life job and work is Digital Management. I have worked with some of the biggest in-house brands and talents known to the modern century. When it comes down to wither its Social Media Management or any form of Management in the digital workspace, I am completely adaptable. Unlike others, I am available to fill those 20 hours a week to the fullest. I work from home and the computer I work with is also the computer I play on. I no longer attend any schooling and am ready to go. If you want professionalism and genuine experience outside of the network, then I am your guy. A benefit to having a outsider when it comes to the Rust Community is the complete unbias towards anyone or any situation, I will do my job and do it effectively and efficiently and no one will get special treatment. I am familiar with Rust, as I've played it since Legacy and understand the basics of the game mechanics. I have built a respectable reputation in the community, and would love to work with you one on one and provide a good experience for all. Would also love to talk more about what the position entails and any more questions you had personally if you'd like a follow up. Resume; If you are interested in looking at my real life resume and qualifications I will have it attached here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FF8Y1qAhosJk5z6pTClAzD5NDX_4N-AV/view?usp=sharing
  4. traffic cone looking ass mf 

  5. PHAT + 1 This update is POG certified. And I made it in the pic with palpy wit duh strap
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