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  1. @Jaggie u still check these forums?🙁

  2. @Gamma never got to rlly chat with you But I’m gutted on what has happened.  You were so young, my heart aches for your family and friends. Rest In Peace gone but not forgotten 💕

  3. Does any mfer in here watch UFC? Stipe via wrestling lesion xD 

  4. Holy shit tits, 11b has some fucking special kind of stupid's. 

    1. Paso


      very true very suicidal 

    2. Soldier


      You've been back for only one day and you've already figured this out lmao

  5. My guy you still here? 

    1. Ethan


      Of course m8. Here to stay till the time is right.

  6. @Ethan lol are you still the leader of SSO? Is SSO even still a thing ?

    1. Crin {GG}

      Crin {GG}

      Yes and Yes


    2. gambler01dyer


      Lets all just say yes on that as MARSOC and SSO seem to have a hate and love relationship going on at the moment.

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