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  1. I love learning Spanish!

    1. Soldier


      Spanish or Vanish

    2. Jared Cox
  2. persona 4 golden was a masterpiece

  3. i love you

    1. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      Tank I am trying to sleep

    2. TankWithoutTheH


      ok good love you

    3. TankWithoutTheH


      good night love you

  4. took another big shit. ass was satisfied. #bigshit #asswassatisfied

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    2. Python


      you ok big guy?

    3. AwesomeAidan0221


      Shitting ain’t the only thing that can satisfy your ass 😩😏

    4. Gythem


      Ate a whole bag of Hot Cheetos earlier without even realizing what I was doing. Going to have a fun time on the toilet. 

  5. took a big shit today

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    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Ozzy thank you for your concerns mr. oz, i will update you on my next piss

    3. proggy
    4. Python


      Congrats its about time 


  6. Wish I would’ve become friends with you. At least you’re happy now ❤️

  7. I had never really talked to Gamma but I have always heard amazing things about the guy. This post came as a complete shock to me as it did for all of you. It felt like as if I had lost a friend I never had. I feel very weird and sickened to my stomach to learn that something like this could happen in our own backyard. Gamma’s case is a prime example that a person’s online persona and personality can be a complete facade to what is happening in that person’s personal life. A person may appear to be happy and joyous in an online setting, but depressed and distraught once the computer turns
  8. jschlatt is a funny guy

    1. Aparh


      you remind me of jschlatt

  9. How has online school been treating you guys?

    So far, my grades this spring semester have been very good. Last semester I even managed to make deans list. Online school has been easy for me since I can use all the online sources I want without a whole lot of resistance.

    I've been thinking about also minoring in history next fall, it's something I love as much as video games, so why not expand my knowledge farther? After all, a CIA representative told me so 😉

    1. Theta2


      I'm failing half my classes and even now that im in person I'm finding it hard to catch up.

    2. Aparh


      wtf is a deans list? I've had a good year so far, unweighted GPA for the first semester was 3.7 so i ain't tripping 🚫 🧢

    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Aparh essentially I was the top 20% of my freshmen class by GPA, this could potentially mean I get more scholarship money for next fall

  10. hey big guy

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      Why was the chicken not able to cross the road? 



      because I kicked him, beat the fuck outta dat bitch. I don’t care, I don’t.

  11. you are retard? yes?

  12. hey guys, me and this girl have been texting back and forth a lot recently from my college. we both REALLY want to meet each other personally, and we plan on meeting up over winter break.

    she adores video games as much as i do and we both share common interests. one of these commonalities was growing up with the Nintendo Wii, and seeing that this girl still has her wii and i still have mine (my wii having recently been modded by a friend of mine), i was thinking that our first date should be just that: a wii date with pizza, as I think we would be the most comfortable in that sorta environment.

    im starting to believe that me half-jokingly saying awhile back that “the best first date would be a 1v1 on Wii sports boxing” might become reality.

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    2. Homast


      What Krim said, Fuckin do it man, Full send...  Just take it naturally

    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Krim1 @Homast to update you both on that, I straight up asked her if she wanted to have a 1v1 Wii sports boxing date with pizza and cuddling and she said yes. 

    4. Homast
  13. don’t worry man im sure you’ll get ur ban appeal accepted next time 

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