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  1. when i become a home owner i wanna set up an outdoor gaming area. like a giant movie projector with a bunch of old video game consoles, that way if i ever decide to start a family, my children will be the coolest kids in town. 

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    2. 0zzy


      Have a gazebo with drawable shades and your glare is no more.

    3. eXg-Buddha


      What happens when it rains dude?

    4. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @eXg-Buddha I'll fucking install the giant dome from the Simpsons movie in my backyard beforehand

  2. is it a good idea to have ur first date be a 1v1 on wii sports boxing

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    2. Zachman


      Prove to her that you are Matt from wii sports and she will be all over you

    3. LalaDeviluke


      if you can beat matt in a 1v2 then its offical.

    4. Romulus


      Depends how hard she wants to get her ass beat in Wii sports 😎

  3. who wants to discuss the importance of the treaty of versailles with me

    1. Topshot1


      It brought World War I to an end.

    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Topshot1 while it did bring the First World War to an end, it was directly responsible for the second war, the treaty was flawed and it punished Germany too severely. 

    3. eXg-Buddha


      Korean War Armistice has the be the most goated "treaty". On the topic of the Treaty of Versailles, it needed major reworking before even being considered. It tanked Germany economically and set into motion a dictatorship that anyone could have seen coming. Not a wise move at all, considering a massive loss of life and more was lost in WW2. However, I believe all things happen for a reason and are tied together somehow, and as devastating as WW2 was, it lead to massive overhauls in technology, government protocol, treaties to come, and more. If the Treaty of Versailles was successful, you might not notice the world today.

  4. who’s the funniest dude you know on garnet

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    2. eXg-Buddha



      know its only one person, but these niggas make the list.

    3. eXg-Buddha
    4. Dash


      Ong i agree with this list

  5. Has a video game ever made you cry?

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    2. Zachman


      MW3 Soaps death



      Final Fantasy 9's ending had me tearing up a bit. My nigga Vivi died

    4. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      everytime I have nothing else to eat but pork in minecraft (im muslim)

  6. When you were gonna work 5-10 but ur manager asks you to start at 3 instead and now you’re already gonna be bored for the next 6 hours ;(

  7. my last name isn’t funny 

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    2. Cheasterman72


      Haha cocks

    3. Toucan


      haha penis funny sex 

    4. Zachman


      Hehe cock and ball funny man 

  8. pissed off that the navy seals are not actually seals

  9. Funny enough me and my mother were involved in a (thankfully not severe) car accident back in November. I was completely fine and my mom was fine after the accident, but in a week she managed to get pains in her body similar to yours, resulting in her having to receive physical therapy. I understand the annoyances you might have so I won't mind at all if you relax a bit this month, you're a hard worker.
  10. the congress of vienna really hit different

  11. teachers be like "we understand you're going through a very tough and depressing time as a senior in high school during this awful pandemic but here's 20 assignments due next week."

    1. AparhTurtle
    2. Swigss


      @ my language arts teacher who told us to read 6 chapters in one day

  12. anyone interested in playing Minecraft SMP with me?

    1. PrisonNightmare


      We need our GG Minecraft server back 😞

    2. PrisonNightmare


      I'd be down tho

  13. Don’t thank us for sticking around. We wanna say thank YOU for being dedicated to making our experience a fun one.
  14. @Garnet thank you for making high school less of a pain by giving me and the rest of this community a temporary escape from the stress of life and responsibilities.
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