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  1. I think people who paid for vehicles back in the day should receive them back, what made vehicles so fun in the past was because of not only getting you to a destination quickly but was also a sense of personalization with your own vehicle and being able to drive it around,
  2. And you have a spot right there with him
  3. Insert an unoriginalĀ and unfunny ISI joke here.

  4. What happened to your hostility towards discord?
  5. Is there an ETA for MRP rules, at the moment you can't click F1 to view them so new players have no way of learning the rules. Additionally, can you add a limit to the signature size like how you did on the older forums, it gets annoying having to constantly scroll past excessively long signature pictures.
  6. Finally got it working.

    1. Crin {GG}

      Crin {GG}

      What did you have to do in order to fix it?

    2. Josh


      I just tried again and it let me in.

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