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  1. Thank the Nutter, thank you bro, don't have to deal with DFs broken ass model with no broken ass model
  2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:36916350 Months active within the community: Over a year in total In what ways would I benefit the beta-testing session: I would benefit the testing session by anything small like floating map props and other small details that could be missed to bigger issues like unfair vantage points and just general major issues.
  3. Let’s go, can’t wait for this shit, been tryin to find a fivem server for awhile.
  4. Awesome, can’t wait till omega. Thanks for the update Garnet!
  5. Awesome, even though I am an avid headglitcher, and I appreciate it getting fix. The score system is cool. Great update, thanks Garnet and Time!
  6. Awesome, now we just wait for the guns and shit and we golden. Thanks Garnet!
  7. Community Manager Application About me I'm 18 years old and a senior in High School. I play a ton of video games, but mainly Garry's Mod. I started playing GMod in 2011 and currently have five thousand hours in it. I had found Garnet Gaming through MilitaryRP in mid-2017, though I didn't get involved with the community towards the end of 2017. I had recently taken a break from MRP and Garnet but as of May, I returned to the community. I main MilitaryRP but I also play DarkRP. In 2018, I was a staff member, resigning as Head Moderator due to life issues. I have always enjoyed playing Garnet Gaming, and it seems like I always will enjoy it. Why should you choose me over others? Firstly, I have been in the community for quite a long time, now some people defiantly have been in the community longer than me and probably more active than me as well. I have seen how the community has changed over time, whether it being the staff members to the entire community in general. I have a good sense of what has worked in the past and what hasn't from precedents from staff members and management. Throughout my years in the community, I have never felt the need to troll or break rules. I will continue to follow that trend to the best of my ability. Secondly, I have experience being staff in many different communities, including here. Starting in late 2016, I started my "staff career" in a DarkRP community which I will refrain from putting the name on due to advertisement rules. Most of my staffing experience is in DarkRP, but I have been a previous staff member in GG MilitaryRP. Throughout all my staff experience, I learned how to deal with sits efficiently, deal with "mingy" people, deal with staff, etc. I think that having a lot of staff experience from different communities helps because it allows me to have different perspectives on things since every server does something differently. Finally, I have some experience being upper administration in some communities, including owning some servers as well. Having this experience is crucial to be a good community manager. When owning servers, I learned a lot about staff management, dealing with community-wide situations, having to think of ways to get people into the server and keep them engaged. My servers never got super successful, but I did have quite a few members in my community before it went downhill due to a lot of mistakes. Even though those mistakes caused the downfall of my hard work, I learned a lot from them. I realized what works and doesn't work, and I could bring that knowledge here. Why do I want to be a Community Manager? The main reason I want to be a Community Manager is that I want to help the community. Being paid is nice, but for me, it isn't necessary. Over the years, I have met a ton of people here that otherwise I wouldn't have met. Especially in the last couple of months, I have enjoyed being with the community, talking to people, making friendships, and just overall having fun. I feel like I really could help with the community with my experience and whatnot. I was already considering applying for staff again on MilitaryRP but decided to apply to this first. This position would allow me to help the entire community instead of just MRP. Information Username: Pappa Eric SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36916350 Discord: Pappa Eric#6913 Years in the community: 4 Years Warns, kicks, bans: None Finally, I would just like to say, thank you for reading this application.
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