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  1. Thank you Garnet! Fuck those haters, they just make the community so much worse than it actually is. Can't wait for the rest of the update to be working, mainly the permaweapon toggle.
  2. Hell yea, update looks fire. Thanks Garnet!
  3. Ooooo, me likey. Thanks for the update Garnet! (100th post lol)
  4. Thank the Nutter, thank you bro, don't have to deal with DFs broken ass model with no broken ass model
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:36916350 Months active within the community: Over a year in total In what ways would I benefit the beta-testing session: I would benefit the testing session by anything small like floating map props and other small details that could be missed to bigger issues like unfair vantage points and just general major issues.
  6. Let’s go, can’t wait for this shit, been tryin to find a fivem server for awhile.
  7. Awesome, can’t wait till omega. Thanks for the update Garnet!
  8. Awesome, even though I am an avid headglitcher, and I appreciate it getting fix. The score system is cool. Great update, thanks Garnet and Time!
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