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  1. yo whats your deal with tarkov

    1. Krim


      I think he likes to play tarkov

  2. I understand why everyone mad but this is an announcement not a discussion for the community to put their opinion on. Y'all should put in a suggestion to remove this if y'all really disagree with it.
  3. I think I pmed you about the warn system being broken on ts but you never responded so I just wanted to let you know it's broken.
  4. Personally, I disagree with possible removal of the recruiter class or DI/DS. They have been proven useful by giving players an important role in who joins in their faction(by not training them if they end up being minges) and training task during peacetime. Also, those jobs help prove to the officers that people knows the rules well enough to move on to become higher ranks where their sphere of influence is higher. (basically rank requirements) The reality of the fact is there isn't enough officers(or willingy enough)to be on most of the time to train especially if they are doing other tryouts at the time. A decent chunk of the recruits trained are during the morning time or earlier hours where main players(higher ranks) don't get on due to the low pop. This might have a negative effect on player base during peacetime or even all the time.
  5. Yeah,45 is pretty good even 40 would work. Maybe revert the magnum round change to bring it back to 15%.
  6. I'm not too sure about the instant craft, I recently came back and the last time I played it was working which was a month ago. @Unspecified might be able to answer the question. Also rifle bodies were broken when I was playing back then so either it was fixed and it reverted or it was never fixed in the first place.
  7. Hey instant craft isn't working and rifle bodies still aren't dropping.
  8. Damn Gotham got out done by an Army Officer. unless they are the ones that BHOP the whole MATCH their times won't change.
  9. So third person is pretty much not viable anymore? At this point there really no need for third person since that new view point puts you at quite an disadvantage since your character is literally blocking the center portion of your screen.
  10. When Zed gets captured.... @Trip
  11. What's in these VIP kits? I'm trying to get one but I don't what's in them and in the store there isnt a description yet. Also, I know I'm being a bitch but can we atleast get an explanation on why it's a 4 day wipe cycle? Especially when you are trying to increase the player base. Good luck on your final
  12. I like how it rewards you for having GG tags and getting involved into the community. I was wondering if MRP is going to get anything similar to it in the near future?
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