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  1. signing out, gl with mrp and in life peeps ✌️

    1. Bortnik_
    2. Captainswag


      It is sad to see you go Keb, I remember the times we were in GRU.
      /me salutes with a tear in my eye

  2. 1DJOBYx.pngi am league of legends god

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    2. Homast


      Dan, wanna carry me?
      Bronze 3 Jg Main right here 😎

    3. dannkeb


      I would but I dont have a lvl 30 NA account 

    4. Homast


      RIP my dreams at the Victorious Skin for this season.

  3. Hey how you doing 

  4. Yo btw garnet, 2GA recruiter class can whitelist for the vip classes. I'm guessing it isn't ment to be that way since it can lead to abusing? not too sure about the us recruiter class but probably that aswell.
  5. SwZJ9Is.jpg

    he do be driving doe

  6. That is something the officers/leader of the base factions should do , not staff.
  7. So the stamina bar is back on the server rn, is it intended to be there or is it just a bug?
  8. The server is doing alright atm but are there gonna be staff on it? It's been fun playing it but people spamming chat/voice gets annoying sometimes. And will there be a Pointshop of some kind in the future? (I saw your post but i was just curious so sorry for the questions)
  9. This update seems pretty , Can't wait to try it out ingame. Also nice job on the Donation Support.
  10. I just did it and had a fair amount of stamina left after completing it, so probably no real difference.
  11. I know vehichles haven't even been added yet so you probably haven't thought of this but will there be a tool of some sort that allows you to repair the vehichle incase it gets damaged? Maybe something in the Credits Store or one that you could buy in the F4 Menu for some ingame cash.
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