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  1. vroom vroom

    1. Ting


      yes great status update!

    2. RegretTheManEater


      ting be careful dude they added back neg-rep for cringe reacts!

    3. Ting


      oh no

  2. hes getting too many cringe reacts too quickly. He needs to be stopped. I must remain on top of the cringe react leaderboard.

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    2. Captainswag


      Have you seen my cringe reacts? I’m not-intentionally coming for your crown

    3. Bortnik


      I have come to take the throne, it is I that shall be the rightful ruler of the Cringe God. You best start thinking of another reaction.

    4. Alex Conway

      Alex Conway

      I mean step one done - have a stupid gif profile pic. 

  3. anyone wanna do my history project?

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    2. LalaDeviluke


      me and the boys playing on 201st

    3. Bortnik


      yea aight, if you dont join 212th ur gay

    4. RegretTheManEater


      how about you lick my butt!

  4. have i done a lot for this server 🙂 

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    2. DuckyRU



    3. Bortnik


      Holy shit, it’s the cringe god himself.

    4. horsegarrysmod


      No not in the slightest. But fr the suggestions you have been making a great keep up the good shit

  5. tell me. how is it admin abuse when aidan is the one who defines admin abuse
  6. your whole statement just gets fucked by this last sentence... you are now arguing for the removal of reserves by saying this...
  7. I have to do online preparations for my trip this summer. How am I supposed to practice setting a tent up in the poring rain in my home...

    1. Ting



    2. DannKeb


      do it in a pool if u have one

    3. Gualla



  8. I personally don’t really care about reserves being wiped. I just think that it is a tiny bit annoying that people who led their faction to the point where they disregarded all irl shit are ignored. There are many many cases of this. I guess I will speak on behalf of SSO, because that’s what i spent so much time in. Most of you know Ethan Greshnev, he was the leader of SSO for 1 1/2 years. While he had his ups and downs, he was an amazing leader. I just don’t understand why he would just get ignored and his dedication to SSO (and GRU) get thrown out the window. Again, I don’t really care because I only had reserves for SSO, but the thing I would have liked was a tiny bit of a heads up. Maybe give us a 2 day notice? that would have been perfect for people to come back to get off reserves if they had time.
  9. I think y'all are misunderstanding... The subscription is not intended, you are allowed to just buy credits and cancel the subscription.
  10. you can try it... im not an expert but I know that other servers had trouble with the credit system too. but it brings in revenue the best.
  11. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not able to be fixed. [REDACTED] Networks has the same issue and they have been at it for months. I believe it just something that people will need to deal with. Prometheus needs a rework imo.
  12. i’m fading into the same state of depression i was in when i left sso 🙃

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    2. Draggy2


      No you gotta make Garnet Great Again.

    3. broken


      @Bishopil listen man getting those recs is hard 😞

  13. I forgot to put on pants this morning. I think the homeless guy has a thing for me now.

    1. Homast


      Damn that's crazy.
      You gunna give him a dollar to touch you softly or some shit?

    2. Ting


      @Homast probably. we’ll see how it goes when i go out target.

    3. Homeless


      Nah u ugly bruh

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