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  1. Were you in MARSOC at one point? I remember you streaming roblox phantomforces with shrimps and other people. I went by pony at the time I think.

    1. Ting


      i was in marsoc a few times, but if ur talking about csc_desert, i was a WO in marines under the name "archi" @Horseyy

    2. Tora1


      ting goes retard

    3. Ting


      @Tora1 kiss me

  2. Aparh

    I was your four hundredth  cringe react

    1. Ting


      thank you buddy ❤️

  3. smells

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    2. hysteria


      but didn’t you know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell @Ting?

    3. Ting


      I actually did not. thank you for informing me. very helpful, and useful.

    4. hysteria


      you’re welcome, anything to help out mr ting

  4. ok now we really need the cringe react back. obama Prism? thats more cringe than anything ive said on the forums.

    1. hysteria
    2. PrisonNightmare


      Can't believe I'm saying this but you're right

    3. Aparh


      I would of cringe reacted to this status update if i had the ability to.

  5. Honestly, Im really excited to see how this plays out. With snipers being stationary, its gonna be real real weird for a bit. The only thing im worried about is the fact that shotguns/smgs seem to be the best guns on paper. With ARs affecting movement, and movement being a huge thing on GG, they may prove to be near useless. with both soldier classes using ARs, this will probably further increase my fear of a "veterans prevail" type of server. an Idea to counter this, is give both medic classes a smg, such as the FMG or another small caliber gun. This will both give newer players a better chance to have fun, but also promote an actual reason for new players to play on the medic Whitelist. as of now, the Medic wl is only played by people with donors just so they get a free medkit with their already broken guns. So, with the addition of an SMG, everyone can now use those classes for more than just the medkit.
  6. give me SSO and ill make it better 100% If i did it once before, i can do it again.

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    2. Bortnik_


      Ethan was the only good SSO COL, change my mind

    3. Ting


      I did so much for this server!

    4. AwesomeAidan0221
  7. vroom vroom

    1. Ting


      yes great status update!

    2. RegretTheManEater


      ting be careful dude they added back neg-rep for cringe reacts!

    3. Ting
  8. hes getting too many cringe reacts too quickly. He needs to be stopped. I must remain on top of the cringe react leaderboard.

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    2. Captainswag


      Have you seen my cringe reacts? I’m not-intentionally coming for your crown

    3. Bortnik


      I have come to take the throne, it is I that shall be the rightful ruler of the Cringe God. You best start thinking of another reaction.

  9. anyone wanna do my history project?

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    2. LalaDeviluke


      me and the boys playing on 201st

    3. Bortnik


      yea aight, if you dont join 212th ur gay

    4. RegretTheManEater


      how about you lick my butt!

  10. dont wanna start something on a good update thread, but aren't you the one who complained that SWRP wasn't getting updates? Anyways, Im actually pumped to see whether this makes a difference or not. Either way, thank you for putting this update through.
  11. have i done a lot for this server 🙂 

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    2. DuckyRU
    3. Bortnik


      Holy shit, it’s the cringe god himself.

    4. Horseyyy


      No not in the slightest. But fr the suggestions you have been making a great keep up the good shit

  12. Oh I agree completely, I just thought that it would be a good addition so that COMMs stays in RP and Advert is for when the event itself starts.
  13. i guess bortnik is staying in leadership. But seriously, I would love to see the /event command for T.Admin + on MRP so they can better announce and direct events. I think the command is just overall useful and better to have on the MRP server as well.
  14. luvie, im talking about the update posted yesterday! there was nothing in THIS update discussing the fixing of the VIP classes...
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