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  1. This one happened right in front of RU base. right before coyote made fun of them for doing PT. I have way too many ss from SSO. ethan kinda yelled at us if we didn’t screenshot something. so here’s 2GA overpowering us all. definitely one of my favorites in my collection. Everyone hated ethan’s DB raids. Again, one of my favorites. This one is less about being funny, but it shows the grind and hard work people put onto this server.
  2. plz plz ignore my squeaker ass voice. I promise my balls have dropped. also the purge siren was too funny.
  3. +1 Every day when I get bored, I hop into the TTT TS channel. I have noticed Salz in there every single day. He is willing to help members of the community and is a great person overall. 100% can this guy be serious in times of need and be a face of the TTT community.
  4. Woah, to see this community grow so well amazes me. I got onto the server for the first time in late 2016. This was all because i was playing R6 with a random kid. We hopped on Gmod and he showed me GG. he was already in SAS at the time, and he seemed to be a chill guy. to think that just one game of R6 brought me here is crazy. i’m glad I’ve been here for a while.
  5. +1 Buddha is my boy. he’s extremely active, nice, and productive. the only thing I worry about is now u have to deal with Forums, DRP, and now TTT. but I trust that you can handle it.
  6. Woah, I never thought I would see a staff application from Captain ++1 Captainswag is a respected and honored member of this community. There is never a moment where he is scared to speak and voice his opinions. This is perfect and exactly what we need. He has good relationships with EVERYONE in this community. Yes, he’s retarded sometimes but he’s serious more often. I promise that with Captain as a staff member on TTT his shear friendliness and willing to work hard will boost the server. I know that people would stay for longer if they were met with a staff member that actually cared about every member. Me and CS have been friends ever since SSO on desertv2. he was in Ethan’s SSO and for once, Ethan never actually complained about him. I honestly think that’s a big step (as most of us know ethan). Captain has the level of maturity and a strong work ethic that all staff members need. again, easy +1 from me.
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