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  1. @Enigma What evidence was used against this player? Also, @GreeneBean if you have any additional evidence, please post it below. Thank you!
  2. Accepted! The evidence provided is nowhere near enough to ban someone for hacking. One kill via flicking and aiming onto a dead body is not suspicious. @Enigma please gather more evidence before issuing a perma ban for cheating. @Garnet Please move
  3. Accepted! Though the clip Enigma has provided is a little suspicious, it is not enough to warrant a permanent ban for cheating. In the future, @Enigma please gather multiple clips when dishing out a serious punishment for cheating. \ @Garnet Please move
  4. Going under the assumption you've been banned by the anti-cheat, you're already unbanned. All users banned by the anti-cheat have already been unbanned. Locking this now, but if @Enigma @Jalapeno or @Quintex banned you, they can PM me and I will unlock the thread accordingly. @Garnet Please move
  5. User had already been permanently banned for cheating. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  6. This report was last active Saturday. @Enigma as a T.Admin, please make a final decision on whether to accept or deny the report. After you've made a decision, I'll lock the thread for you.
  7. Situation was resolved a while ago. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  8. Garnet has already unbanned all users banned by the anti-cheat. Locking this thread. Enjoy our servers!
  9. Don't listen to the singing. Watch the killfeed.
  10. See, when I got banned I had heard you had said in chat "I always knew he was cheating!". I guess I can finally say the same now. In all seriousness, it is most likely a ban from the Anti Cheat, which had also banned me, Hysteria, and lots of other players unjustly. Garnet is currently looking into it and reaching out to the developer of the anti cheat to see what is triggering these bans. If Enigma, Jalapeno, or Cuz (excluding myself), who are the only staff with banning permissions, did not ban you, then the anti cheat flagged something you did as cheating and banned you. It's unfortunate, but it should be resolved as long as you had no external scripts or cheats. If you have any proof, you should post it with your appeal. Otherwise, you can play on our other TTT server in the meantime. Good luck!
  11. Please use this format! Once you fill it out properly, your report can be evalutated. Thank you.
  12. +1 Voice communication is so short as it is now. On the plus side, micspamming is cut short, and trolls have less time to speak. But on the negative side, communication is quite limited, and someone who is currently talking and might call out a T could be cut off prematurely. 1.5 is definitely better than 2, as it's just a little more leeway for players to communicate. Great suggestion!
  13. I believed you were banned by the anti cheat, as T.Mods do not have banning permissions. Unless @Enigma @Jalapeno or @Quintex banned you, it was the Anti Cheat. I was also banned by the anti cheat, and it's in the process of investigation, so this report may take a while longer to resolve.
  14. +1 Barely met you, yet you have a mature and friendly attitude. You got along with everyone in the TS and were a pleasure to play with. We need more staff currently, and you would be a great pick. Best of luck, and add Buddha to referrals!
  15. +1 Decent app, respectable player in game, and never had a problem with him. Coupled with the fact that we need more staff, you would make a great addition Add Buddha to referrals!
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