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  1. @Enigma What evidence was used against this player? Also, @GreeneBean if you have any additional evidence, please post it below. Thank you!
  2. Accepted! The evidence provided is nowhere near enough to ban someone for hacking. One kill via flicking and aiming onto a dead body is not suspicious. @Enigma please gather more evidence before issuing a perma ban for cheating. @Garnet Please move
  3. Accepted! Though the clip Enigma has provided is a little suspicious, it is not enough to warrant a permanent ban for cheating. In the future, @Enigma please gather multiple clips when dishing out a serious punishment for cheating. \ @Garnet Please move
  4. Going under the assumption you've been banned by the anti-cheat, you're already unbanned. All users banned by the anti-cheat have already been unbanned. Locking this now, but if @Enigma @Jalapeno or @Quintex banned you, they can PM me and I will unlock the thread accordingly. @Garnet Please move
  5. User had already been permanently banned for cheating. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  6. This report was last active Saturday. @Enigma as a T.Admin, please make a final decision on whether to accept or deny the report. After you've made a decision, I'll lock the thread for you.
  7. Situation was resolved a while ago. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  8. Garnet has already unbanned all users banned by the anti-cheat. Locking this thread. Enjoy our servers!
  9. Don't listen to the singing. Watch the killfeed.
  10. See, when I got banned I had heard you had said in chat "I always knew he was cheating!". I guess I can finally say the same now. In all seriousness, it is most likely a ban from the Anti Cheat, which had also banned me, Hysteria, and lots of other players unjustly. Garnet is currently looking into it and reaching out to the developer of the anti cheat to see what is triggering these bans. If Enigma, Jalapeno, or Cuz (excluding myself), who are the only staff with banning permissions, did not ban you, then the anti cheat flagged something you did as cheating and banned you. It's unfortunate, but it should be resolved as long as you had no external scripts or cheats. If you have any proof, you should post it with your appeal. Otherwise, you can play on our other TTT server in the meantime. Good luck!
  11. Please use this format! Once you fill it out properly, your report can be evalutated. Thank you.
  12. +1 Voice communication is so short as it is now. On the plus side, micspamming is cut short, and trolls have less time to speak. But on the negative side, communication is quite limited, and someone who is currently talking and might call out a T could be cut off prematurely. 1.5 is definitely better than 2, as it's just a little more leeway for players to communicate. Great suggestion!
  13. I believed you were banned by the anti cheat, as T.Mods do not have banning permissions. Unless @Enigma @Jalapeno or @Quintex banned you, it was the Anti Cheat. I was also banned by the anti cheat, and it's in the process of investigation, so this report may take a while longer to resolve.
  14. +1 Barely met you, yet you have a mature and friendly attitude. You got along with everyone in the TS and were a pleasure to play with. We need more staff currently, and you would be a great pick. Best of luck, and add Buddha to referrals!
  15. +1 Decent app, respectable player in game, and never had a problem with him. Coupled with the fact that we need more staff, you would make a great addition Add Buddha to referrals!
  16. Proud to be a part of this community for the past two years, and I am looking forward to more. From humble beginnings to the titan that Garnet Gaming is today, every day is another enjoyable experience thanks to the time and effort put into the server. I don't really know what else to say, other than thank you for keeping me entertained and satisfied for the past two years of my life! Can't really sum that up in words.
  17. I have not been AFK on the server. My time in spectator deathmatch, as well as spectators, has been for a very specific reason today. Enigma and I have been dealing with other TTT staff-related incidents, and were not able to instantly respond to reports. I would not respond to you because you spammed game chat as well as admin chat, and as I said before, I was dealing with much more pressing issues. I am sorry for the lack of communication, but it was needed for what was happening today.
  18. -1 Very weak application, no patience or maturity in game, and I really don't think you would make a good, competent staff member at this current time. Also, vigilantism isn't allowed! Don't take matters into your own hands.
  19. +1 This would be a refreshing change from the default green names for everyone, and the light blue names for the detectives in chat. Donators should be set to a different color, and possible colors could be purchased from the store, if Garnet is up for purchasable colors. Just a general QoL change that would spice up cosmetics a bit.
  20. A good amount of these were already added to the second server, but the effort is still appreciated. If possible, could you link the workshop add-on for each of these maps? Also, some maps may not be implemented to to replayability/size/potential fun. Good work!
  21. -1 You just received a ban from Garnet himself. You also show 0 maturity in game, and had to be told multiple times to settle down.
  22. -1. We do not tolerate racist behaviors on our server. Period. Your slays were just, and so were your gags. Next time, think before you send a message.
  23. Though there isn't a current player v staff format for TTT, you can put a little more effort into your appeal. For now, use the format below. @Ark3, your side?
  24. +1 Would love to see more creative ways for Traitors to set up traps and bait people. Would also love to see more suggestions for the detective, as well as any other gun suggestions. If you have any other creative ideas, please feel free to speak your mind!
  25. In-game name: eXg - Buddha (Used to be Bread God) Age: 17 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:8735405 Timezone: PST How many hours do you have on the server? 5 Hours Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a/or microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to screen-record while playing on TTT?: Yes Referral(s): Ark Past experiences as staff: Past S.Admin on DarkRP, Current Mod on DarkRP, Current Forums Moderator, Past owner/co-owner on several DarkRP startups, Trial Operator on MilleniumRP (closed) Why should we choose you over other applicants? To start off, I've been in the community for about 2 years now. I have experience on both MilitaryRP and DarkRP, and have extensive playtime and experience on Garry's Mod, as I've been steadily playing for around 7 years now. TTT was one of the first game modes I played, alongside prophunt, murder, and various mini-games such as GMod Tower. When I say I have experience on TTT, you can take my word on it. I have been hopping on TTT more and more as of late, and want to do my part to help upkeep and maintain the server. A special shout-out to Enigma, who was incredibly friendly and helpful when I had asked about staffing on TTT. Being a small server, and a game mode that can easily be minged on, I want to help not only the players, but the current staff team with the work load, and contribute to making the server a more enjoyable and friendly place for those new to the Garnet community, or veterans trying to relax with some TTT. My extensive knowledge of staffing, as well as prior knowledge of ULX and its functions makes me a solid candidate for staff. During my playtime, I've witnessed hundreds of reports, rule breakers, minges, and players who in general have no intention to play on the server. While a few of these examples took place before staff were introduced to TTT, most of these examples have taken place over the last few days. The current staff team has been swift to bring justice to those who break the rules, and I am ready and willing to do my part and assist with their jobs. One thing to note is that I plan on duel staffing, as I have no current intention of leaving DarkRP. I am quite well at managing my time, and will be able to do my DarkRP duties, TTT duties, as well as forum moderator duties. With my 2 years of Garnet experience, and 7 years of Garry's Mod experience, you can count on me to efficiently, effectively, and elaborately staff on Garnet's new Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Thank you. How much time will you be contributing to this role? With my final year of high school fast approaching, and projects, events, and staffing on DarkRP and the forums, I can contribute a couple hours on weekdays, and can contribute up to around 4 hours a day on the weekends. My schedule fluctuates with each week, but I tend to always find a way on and do my duties.
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