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    Probably one of the most fun risk of rain 2 games I've played in a while. We didn't make it very far, but I unlocked so much hidden shit and we were so cracked, all we had to do was stand still. Love this game so fucking much. 

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    2. eXg-Buddha


      That is what I would like to call cheating! Although I just did a run with Command, the only time I'll use Command in a run is to get character unlocks/achievements. I do play ROR2 modded, but the only mods I use are ShareSuite, Share Lunar Coins, R2API, and ItemStackStats.

    3. Homast


      I wouldn't personally call it cheating, but it does make it hella fun imo.

    4. eXg-Buddha


      It's the same as it was in the first game Homast: you quite literally can choose any item from that specific item pool. It may be fun for a couple runs, but I love the RNG aspect, and how every run can be different, instead of you choosing the same OP items each run because you run Command. Personally, I consider it cheating, as you can get a fixed item run each playthrough.

  2. was playing MRP today and saw Ethan Greshnev ???

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    2. Captainswag


      I got the gresh into TS yesterday

    3. Bortnik


      whatattatat you did swag?


    4. Captainswag


      yeah, sadly he didn’t want to see anyone but me, so I couldn’t get him to say hi to people

  3. I don't have reserves for any faction. I did for GB, when I had helped out in the faction and was a great enlisted, but those were wiped by Jackal 2 and a half years ago. I just disagreed on how the situation was handled. First, reserve rules were spoken about. Next, only O-1 reserves were allowed, which seemed extremely reasonable. Finally, after a couple more days, reserves were wiped and removed entirely. As Prison said, there are people who do not abuse the reserves system, who love playing on the server, and want to return to their favorite factions either out of nostalgia, old friendships, assisting the current leader, or medical/involuntary leave. Yes, there are cases of those abusing the reserves system, but this would be easy to combat with both staff and faction leaders working in tandem. For all these years, the reserves system was almost unique to Garnet in the sense that it allowed horizontal progression in SOCs rather than forced vertical progression. Prime examples of reserved used properly is @Ozzy. While still an active Vega member, he will occasionally hop on PDSS reserves to help with tryouts, hang around other PDSS, contribute ideas for the faction, and use the reserves he was given for leading the faction previously for it's intended purpose. Although you are the owner, and you've spent tremendous time working on bettering the server, I didn't quite understand the reasoning for the removal of reserves. Almost no one I would talk to would complain about reserves, other than about the few people who had reserves in almost every faction. In fact, a lot of people were eventually OK with the idea of keeping O-1 and above reserves. I strongly suggest that we keep reserves, set the minimum rank to qualify at O-1, have prerequisites such as the amount of work and time dedicated to a faction, and have staff and faction leaders work in tandem for a case by case reserves system. Most people on the server don't abuse nor use their reserves to detrement the server, and those that do are quickly removed from the roster. It is your descicion at the end of the day, but this ends up hurting more people than it was intended to benefit.
  4. Finally proven innocent. Thanks to @421 sm0k meth for helping me 😘, and thanks to all the people that believed I was innocent. Looking forward to more MRP!

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    2. Hysteria


      bruh do it 

    3. xdJustice21


      Hacking scumbag. JK glad ur not gone

    4. Bortnik


      Look at this monkey

  5. My squad be like frozen 2. We too icy 🥶🤠😎

  6. hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you 😉 sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx

  7. Fuck Corona. My niggas drink VB 🥶

  8. Does anybody know some free but decent editing software? Im trying to edit some clips with music, and want to learn to edit videos. 

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    2. WhiteBolt


      You don’t need to pirate it, it’s free 

    3. Captainswag


      Davinci or Filmora

    4. Taffy


      adobe premiere but the free one , the only risk is a virus

  9. Sexy king 

  10. y'all like when I shit the bed. I'm always sleeping on yall

  11. bandit capitao main till I die

  12. Status updates giving me a 2018 forums vibe

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    2. StevieT




    3. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      @Alex Conway shut your huge mouth lmao

    4. eXg-Buddha


      Man you guys are too cute for me

  13. Feeling like a gamer. S/u

  14. @Enigma What evidence was used against this player? Also, @GreeneBean if you have any additional evidence, please post it below. Thank you!
  15. Accepted! The evidence provided is nowhere near enough to ban someone for hacking. One kill via flicking and aiming onto a dead body is not suspicious. @Enigma please gather more evidence before issuing a perma ban for cheating. @Garnet Please move
  16. Accepted! Though the clip Enigma has provided is a little suspicious, it is not enough to warrant a permanent ban for cheating. In the future, @Enigma please gather multiple clips when dishing out a serious punishment for cheating. \ @Garnet Please move
  17. Going under the assumption you've been banned by the anti-cheat, you're already unbanned. All users banned by the anti-cheat have already been unbanned. Locking this now, but if @Enigma @Jalapeno or @Quintex banned you, they can PM me and I will unlock the thread accordingly. @Garnet Please move
  18. User had already been permanently banned for cheating. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  19. This report was last active Saturday. @Enigma as a T.Admin, please make a final decision on whether to accept or deny the report. After you've made a decision, I'll lock the thread for you.
  20. Situation was resolved a while ago. Locking this thread. @Garnet Please move
  21. Garnet has already unbanned all users banned by the anti-cheat. Locking this thread. Enjoy our servers!
  22. Don't listen to the singing. Watch the killfeed.
  23. See, when I got banned I had heard you had said in chat "I always knew he was cheating!". I guess I can finally say the same now. In all seriousness, it is most likely a ban from the Anti Cheat, which had also banned me, Hysteria, and lots of other players unjustly. Garnet is currently looking into it and reaching out to the developer of the anti cheat to see what is triggering these bans. If Enigma, Jalapeno, or Cuz (excluding myself), who are the only staff with banning permissions, did not ban you, then the anti cheat flagged something you did as cheating and banned you. It's unfortunate, but it should be resolved as long as you had no external scripts or cheats. If you have any proof, you should post it with your appeal. Otherwise, you can play on our other TTT server in the meantime. Good luck!
  24. Please use this format! Once you fill it out properly, your report can be evalutated. Thank you.
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