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  1. I wanna say thank you gamma for all you have done you were a great friend a great leader and pushed me to bring my all was the reason why I joined my first soc faction. /me Salutes One last time with tear in his eye Rest In piece My friend
  2. do you know relatively what kind of staff  abuse it was

    1. Xavier


      No I do not all I know is he was abusing his powers and he wasnt as mature as he is now

    2. A_Bitch_Named_sue


      It doesn't matter, Rohan, I can attest to the claims of abuse, but my interest simply doesn't lie with the matter, so I have no need to seek out a denial for his past offenses. 

      As for Xavier's comment, he was simply stating that the abuse has subsided, and the applicant is more mature now than before. Take it for what it's worth. 🙂

  3. Glad your back Man We hope you had a nice break and seeing you do well
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