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  1. Why is it that once I leave for a 2 month LOA the brick is added. Anyway update looks good wish I could play it.
  2. you're gg logo crooked bruv

  3. How can I shitpost react your profile pic

    1. riprandy
    2. Jake


      i was going to question how zachman had more rep than me but then i saw the post count, poor internet point ratio bro


  4. The update looks nice the defibrillator will definitely make things more interesting in combat if you have people playing medic and should make the class something more then just a way to heal yourself in between fights. I'm excited to get home from school and play the new update not the worlds biggest update but definitely looks to be a good one.
  5. Congrats on becoming a man of color on forums 

    1. ajbedhead


      Congrats mr brit

  6. -removed- I decided to be very edgy and request a map that isn't even an option, purely for nostalgia reasons.
  7. This might be a little far fetched but one suggestion I have regarding weapons is to adjust weapon damage to be correlated to ammunition type i.e. the 5.45x39 weapons all do the same damage in the same class of weapons. This would mean that all of the AKs chambered in 7.62x39 would do the same damage but the SKS might do more as it is a different weapon class being a DMR. Along with this possibly have certain attachments be unique to certain guns so there is a reason to use different weapons in the same caliber.
  8. We need to get rules for the cuffs implemented so people get punished for doing stuff like that it should clear things up.
  9. Handcuffs are going to be amazing for kidnaps now that it will make it harder for privates to failRP when kidnapped. NPCs seem like they will be nice probably play better then most of the 11B PVTs too. Overall sounds like it will be a nice fun update keep up the good work Garnet.
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