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  1. sexy lil mama

  2. You didn't even bother reading Aidan's latest post. Reserves are rarely used anymore for factions that are actually dying. Admin abuse is going over your reach/what you're allowed to do. If you payed any attention to MRP you'd know Aidan is allowed to do this, and if you payed any attention to this post you'd see that Garnet is supporting it. You probably just got tagged in the army discord saying that your reserves are getting removed so you came on to complain about it.
  3. I think a lot of people, including myself didn't deserve keeping their reserves, but I'd rather have all reserves just managed by staff with less restrictions than this.
  4. I'm not just gonna go play other servers. I stuck playing Garnet for a reason. I've tried my best in these posts to show my appreciation towards you and the things you and Dio have done for the community. I understand that you are tired of stupid toxic complaints coming from the community, but I cannot wrap my head around you thinking it is more unreasonable for myself and others to suggest going back to older maps than you committing your time to take feedback and editing the current map. I don't think Delta's a shit fucking map, I've been playing it for months and I'm getting bored of it. I'
  5. I understand that due to the work that was put into Delta that you don't just want to just switch back to Taiga. But you need to understand that despite how the good map is structurally or aesthetically it's going to get stale and boring to the players. It would be much less work and stress for you and Dio if you just made a map rotation out of previous maps. There's a lot of good playable maps that we've used before, but we just switched off of them because the community got bored of the map and/or we got a new map. Most of the people who were shit talking Delta on the map suggestion thread w
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