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  1. bro you playing on a trackpad on that video in your report?

  2. my whole body hurts, why did I decide to lift weights after 5 months of not lifting

  3. I fucking love your profile picture and I don't even know why. Its just fucking awesome

  4. Petition: Stop being so efficient with Gmod reports; they get dealt with too fast.

    I log on specifically to check them.

    1. DiegoZavier


      We got a great staff team, what can I say?

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      If anything, now you can choose if you want to look at accepted or denied reports and you can get the full story 🙂

    3. JimtheScubaDiver


      Nah, it's more fun playing Ace Attorney on reports. It's like a mystery puzzle game.

  5. Me and the three Jewsketeers (tj, spooky, adhd) are all still here. Glad to see this community growing as large as it has. Also glad for my part in it, what little it has been.
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