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  1. Peace and love

  2. Have a Blessed Tuesday

    1. Tora1


      Thanks b you to fam 

  3. Hey you need a hand? I got the ball scratcher 3000 charged up for you 😃👍🏻

  4. Thankful that I'm mexican

    1. Krim1


      thankful im not mexican

    2. Bortnik_


      Thankful that I can pass for Mexican and white

    3. skrt
  5. Someone buy me phasmophobia 🥴

    1. Zachman


      if you were in the TS with me when i mass bought it for like 12 ppl i would have

    2. skrt
    3. huskaii
  6. Wagwan shortie @Inca

  7. Who is Kermit

    1. jaylen


      the frog from sesame street

    2. PrisonNightmare
    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      kermit was a very old member who held i think manager idk bout sa in like 2016,15

  8. skrt

    Jasiah fan 333

  9. i main echo and hibana fr fr

  10. $not album tomorrow 😳

  11. skrt

    You kinda stink. Can you take a shower?

    1. Silo


      bro shutup, i can smell you from canada

  12. This looks clean. Cant wait to get more than 30 fps in wars
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