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  1. Gamma and I were in frogmen for a short time together, but he left to join Vega so I never knew him that well during my stay on MRP. Shortly after I resigned though, we began playing games together through mutual friends we made on the server. He was a great, fun guy to play with and would always relieve any tension we got while playing. I have great memories with him and I miss him greatly.
  2. lol fix your signature. You were CDR in SEALs for a little bit 🙂

  3. Are the issues with ammo crates, credits, and the reports system fixed?
  4. damn bro first beef and now piss

    1. Garret




    2. MurphPup


      yoooo Koulit smells like beef

  5. you smell like piss

  6. My main concern is that the second GRU model shown is not wearing a face mask of any kind. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from COVID-19 when people like that are roaming the streets without protection? I ask that you hold off on releasing them until a replacement is found. Thank you.
  7. Imagine being Jesus and massing lmao

  8. I hate autocorrect 

  9. I am gonna vote flame

  10. A picture of quite a few of the PDSS past and present
  11. Server is low pop right now if you want to/are able to do it soon.
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