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  1. Before you continue to make suggestions think to yourself, has somebody else thought of this? The answer will be yes so you don't need to make the post.

    Secondly, play the server for more than a day or two before making suggestions and so you can understand how it works without accidentally ruining things left right and center.

  2. you are dumbstinkman aim wallbot becose bad at gaming ?

  3. Jake

    At least you wont see @Ozzy every day under random swrp posts anymore

    1. Ozzy


      Lol locking and moving posts takes 15 seconds. Never was an inconvenience.

  4. When are you getting a tag for flrums and when are those British Droids coming 

    1. Bortnik_


      He doesn’t need tag

    2. Bortnik_


      He has @ Ozzy and then he can already view and post on the “restricted section”

  5. @Silo I like ur cut g

    1. Silo


      thanks man

  6. Taiga V3 is most likely the best map for me, the mixture of CQC on the objectives and surrounding hills with sniping in the valleys was honestly the best sort of balance I have seen in a gmod map. For all those voting, make sure you vote for the map that will play the best, not for the memories of that map. Lots of us remember desert with rose tinted glasses, that doesn't make it a good map just remember that nostalgia is a big part of why people vote for maps not necessarily how well it played. TLDR; vote for the combat not the people
  7. I'll do what everybody else seems to be doing and regurgitating the same thing "join mrp by putting this in console; connect "
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