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  1. EB4OpMT.png

    1. Python


      should've been me

  2. stop being so damn rude but thanks for cars on GM xxx
  3. Jake

    The main takeaway from your CW 2.0 post is that you actually leave adminmode

    1. Ozzy


      V is also my swap shoulder for third person 😕 not trynna fly through the map whenever I’m fucking around in peacetime or peaking a corner in a raid.

    2. Jake


      you damn tryhard


  4. Just briefly tested them, both appear to be completely functional with the superadmin perms. Working perfectly .
  5. You can all test, be available in teamspeak!
  6. As you may know, our new map "Delta" is close to being finished. There was supposed to be a final test yesterday however, I was not available for it. There will be a final test Today at 7:30PM EST, (1:30 hour from now). I am aware of how short notice this is and I apologise for that, however with this being near peak times for MRP on a Saturday, I believe we can still easily get ourselves enough people to test the map with. This will be a final test of the map, so for this one please report ALL bugs and issues you find as these were not found in quality control checks we did.
  7. av Same here , tested in the first round - I'm curious to see how the map development is going and if the new things added can be beneficial for the server. Im well active and have a lot of interest in the server You can also attend. To all testers, the session is going to be pushed back a little until the map can compile.
  8. You can join us, make yourselves available in teamspeak at the time
  9. You guys can attend, please be available in teamspeak at the time.
  10. With the last playtest session of our new MRP map, Delta we discovered a lot. The most notable change being the addition of large walls on the central objective Embassy, these are designed to keep sniping in and out to a minimum while also keeping the combat contained. We have also added the last objective called Shipment (carries the same name as the Omega objective however they share no details) this and the updated Embassy would be our primary areas to test. As before, minor texture bugs are not a huge concern for us as they can be ironed out later on, we are focussing on large issues with
  11. Goodbye cockinball

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    2. ajbedhead


      Rest In Peace Toyota (Alt 5k)

    3. Shin_Tsukimi



    4. Bortnik_



  12. Nuii

    can you give me gm plzz???

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  13. Jake

    Thanks for your post, went ahead and hid it as it's not something other peoole need to know how to do. I'll forward it to Garnet.

    1. Nuii


      thanky yankee jakee

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      garnet knows about it i think, remember when you got mad at me about it @Jake

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