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Halloween Eve!

Lets hope corona doesn't ruin this one for us 🙂

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Checking in, hope you all are doing well ❤️

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    2. Captainswag


      Good hearing from ya viz, hope all things are well

    3. Silo


      please stop talking

    4. D_Rose
  2. I have officially broke my record. I can now count to 8!

    1. Oatlife


      shut up

    2. hysteria



      I meant who asked*

  3. Ody // Collective mix 2019

  4. Would anyone be interested in learning how to edit? I would be more than happy to teach anyone

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    2. WhiteBolt


      I would actually love to

    3. WhiteBolt


      I know a bit about adobe premiere but that’s only cause if my tv prod class back on freshman year

    4. Josh Martin
  5. @Whiskeyyy Yo mate, what client we're you using? asking for a friend

    1. broken


      Yo mate, what client we are you using? asking for a friend 

    2. Tora1


      Same one you’re using 

  6. this is a war.

    1. Oatlife


      Make sure to livestream it!

  7. About had enough of senior week. Got a fucking cival citation, got a hookup last night and she told me she had a bf this morning.  Constant drama and I just wanna come home man 😕

    1. Greasy Dan

      Greasy Dan

      did u nut

  8. C. Overall I feel as if some sort of time change would better fit the setting of where the objectives are placed and where the map truly takes place. Adding some sort of particles in the skybox to simulate starts appearing to better match the sun and time would be pretty cool for scenery. D. With the map delta, there are some really cool spots on the map but not all of it is utilized. EX: This area is behind silo towards the back corner of the map. I feel as if something should be added here to better allow players to make a flanking advantage on the objective itself. EX
  9. Been wearing life like a noose around my neck. Hunting vultures as they fly.

    1. Captainswag


      Ooh, edgy 

    2. Vibe


      It's only funny when buddha does it


  10. After receiving my karambit in the mail. I thought learning tricks would be fun, now I am currently sitting at my sink trying to stop my pinkie from bleeding more. Stay safe with knives boys. 

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    2. Vibe
    3. eXg-Buddha


      Stop typing and stop the bleeding

    4. PrisonNightmare


      Could put some tape around the blade or some shit to dull the blade. Probably wouldn't practice without some sort of protection though tbh lol

  11. just did an hour sim. Going to drink now

  12. Listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and eating chicken. Think I shit myself, idk. Will update

    1. Spilq


      Hmu if u pooed, I gotta know 0_o

    2. retired


      yeah dog i shitted everywhere. 

  13. Stealing pancakes from the homeless shelter

  14. Sorry for the low ass quality got it off my snapchat. here's an extra clip (OLD) (NOT SUBMITTING)
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