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  1. Hello bro, I hit this clip on the new call of duty and was looking for someone to edit? I heard your pretty good at it. Thanks


    1. Krim1


      he is retired

  2. don’t worry man im sure you’ll get ur ban appeal accepted next time 

  3. blacked out pfp foh today 😢

  4. Yas pool's nice. Mines just big is what i'm sayin

  5. Bugg'n [95]

  6. Sure hit my discord that's what I would say if I wasn't trying to get unbanned
  7. Jokes on you I can't afford an alt ;^)))))))))))))))
  8. Most definitely would love to try this new map man holy. Also could see a fucking amazing map trailer for this as well
  9. Hmmmmmm... Map trailer?

    1. retired


      Recorded and edited by Vizii? hmmmm

  10. Does anyone know Calc 2? need some fuelp lmao 

  11. Bruh all tinder has is fat bitches wtf 

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    2. rauler


      those are the girls that are right swiping u 

    3. Theta2


      guess fat women just like you more than skinny ones do

    4. Krim1


      if this is true please dm red crypt 

  12. I mean, I would definitely like to sprout some ideas if the entirety of the thing you have is visible i really do think it would be really dope on the map.
  13. Recommendations: 1. The idea that you utilized on SWRP, You should add bunks / rooms for SOC sub branches on each base. Along with that you should also re integrate the meeting room to add more options for briefings. 2. Add some sort of Killhouse / Arena For simulations inside of the bases that can be claimed by 0-1+'s to allow easier tryout layouts. 3. Adding onto this, I think that this would be insanely cool as an addition towards certain areas within the base. Maybe adding a fence around the entire airfeld and on the opposite side of the airfield could be the main
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