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  1. I want you to know I never intended to insult you if you ever felt that way. Yes, I think you weren't fit for staff but I do not think you were someone who would get banned in the end.

    Personally, I will give you a formal apology for offending you if you did feel like I did. I do hope your situation improves. 

    1. ShortysaysWOAH


      Cut the BS. You are part of the reason why I was demoted in the first place and you are happy to find that I got cut from my rank. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Proggy, I just reposted my staff app. I feel like you just deleted it just now. I just reposted a couple minutes ago because the one you denied was posted on SUNDAY. Today is friday and I was reposting. Did you just delete my entire new staff application?


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    2. proggy


      72 hours from when its denied...

    3. GameClicher


      The 72 hours that he mentioned means 72 hours from his final verdict.

    4. MisterShankie


      Ah okay then, I gotcha


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