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  1. Rest well wherever you're headed friend. Hope the journey beyond treats you kinder than here.

  2. For ex-military you sure have a poor grasp on any form of communication, or respect. A fundamental thing they drill into your head. Maybe that's why you're no longer military. 

    1. Adolf_Litler


      Bold of you to assume the reason for my honorable discharge, an who are you speaking as? or on behalf of? is this some washed up simp, an old hermit. the boyfriend of staff. I have no respect for powertripping individuals. nor for idiots who know nothing about the situation that was being addressed. nor do I believe you have any idea what the actual fundamentals of the military actually are, i believe youre just talking out your ass at this point sticking up for corrupt staff. get a life jeff bridges. 

    2. TheDudeAbidesV3


      The fact that you replied just makes this even funnier. 

    3. Adolf_Litler


      You're welcome, I'm glad I could make your day, still didnt answer any of my questions but you do you guy Clap

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    1. TheDudeAbidesV3


      You know you love my white noise

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