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  1. @Sasori hey man I like you and all but personally I found that big juicy chungus pretty funny, especially for the tense situation on the thread

    1. Sasori


      Not gonna lie, this is almost funny.

  2. @evo Hey man you dont deserve all the hate you get, you seem real chill we should play some time 🙂

    1. Bortnik_


      parlais anglais?

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      he’s cool af , love evo but man fucking smells, 

      pencil gay.

  3. @Pencil haha sorry i was a bit goofy🤪 (im a bit shy🙄)

  4. @Pencilhaha you're so cute when you laugh 🥰😍🐒

    1. Pencil



  5. pencil the reason I don't use my mic is because I shit my pants aggressively everytime you join my teamspeak channel

  6. ma me gusta capocino, it means "hello" in french 

  7. I wrote a poem for you: come back because I left you. merci

  8. pencil I want you to be my sharpener

  9. YO IS THAT REALLY YOU??? Im a big fan

    1. bishopil


      yea and he a big fan of kids

  10. also on another note, there's a project I've been working on, I want to make links between charborgs video, because I'm pretty sure they are all in the same universe, so yea im gonna be the sherlock holmes of youtube, here are the videos that I've found some links, but that's not all because I have found even more stuff (related to arma 3) that has some sort of links with the other videos (more specificly based on social behavior between the characters, and as funny as it may sounds, the SAME characters)

    first of all, private pizza is airplane john

    secondly, those two pikachu are actually the same pikachu (it's played by the same actor so I guess it would make sense)

    thirdly. this one is a 1 rock 2 hits, first there's the link between the 2 videos but there's also something that has to do between the "solver squad" universe and the others video above 

  11. also to add to my previous post, (I'd like to first add that it was a complete render in cycle, not viewport) notice how overall light doesnt bleed, except at these specific spots, what do you guys think? are they leaks or not?

  12. guys this is crazy, here I have some random model, probably the drp map, one picture without denoiser, the other has denoiser


    and that's nothing, because with optix denoiser you can actually denoise like that IN VIEWPORT really quickly, it's super useful, but some might say it's useless because "only rtx cards can use it", well actually this video shows how to use it without an rtx card 


  13. huuuh ozzy, you're like looking at my stuff exactly one second after I post it, are you stalking me??????? 

  14. I really want that picture in your head, you're gonna look at it everyday and remember every detail about it KjuxLp7.jpg

  15. hqdefault.jpg

    1. Greasy Dan

      Greasy Dan

      oh god oh fuck

    2. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      give me your router password or im about to eat some apple compote

    3. Greasy Dan
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