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  1. Jai di une fois a ma mere jaimer bien ls céréales Lion wallah sa fai plu d 6 mois jen bouf ell achet d gro packet ell croi c mes croquettes

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    2. Gythem


      Why are you French? Go surrender somewhere else please

    3. Bortnik_


      J’ai faim, Dream donne moi nourriture

    4. Laroslav


      Et je mélange, je mélange, je mélange, je mélange
      Je mélange, je mélange, je mélange
      Fuck le smic, fuck le smic, fuck le smic, fuck le smic
      J'vends de la drogue, fuck les shmitts, faut que je mange
      Salope, on a assez travaillé pendant l'esclavage
      Salope, on a assez travaillé pendant l'esclavage

  2. just tried minecraft rtx 


  3. im getting back into gmod mapping

    1. PrisonNightmare


      what in the actual fuck

    2. Bortnik_


      That looks like a Minecraft inventory

  4. minecraft

  5. My girlfriend dumped me so I stole her wheelchair. Guess who came crawling back

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    2. Phantom


      Don't talk about my friend Duel that way. That's actually fucked up. I expected better from you, but you just went for the low hanging fruit....disappointed.

    3. Im Dream

      Im Dream

      @Phantom yea and guess whos about to grab my low hanging fruit

    4. Blade


      Duel is a retard who is ass at monster hunter, he deserves it 🙂

  6. @Sasori hey man I like you and all but personally I found that big juicy chungus pretty funny, especially for the tense situation on the thread

    1. jaylen


      Not gonna lie, this is almost funny.

  7. @evo Hey man you dont deserve all the hate you get, you seem real chill we should play some time 🙂

    1. Bortnik_


      parlais anglais?

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      he’s cool af , love evo but man fucking smells, 

      pencil gay.

  8. @Pencil haha sorry i was a bit goofy🤪 (im a bit shy🙄)

  9. @Pencilhaha you're so cute when you laugh 🥰😍🐒

    1. Pencil



  10. pencil the reason I don't use my mic is because I shit my pants aggressively everytime you join my teamspeak channel

  11. ma me gusta capocino, it means "hello" in french 

  12. I wrote a poem for you: come back because I left you. merci

  13. pencil I want you to be my sharpener

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