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  1. Castaway's We aree castaway's

  2. It's sad to see how quick life can just be taken from someone. We didnt get along at times but I saw straight through you into your kind heart gamma. I will always have respect for you. Rest Easy.

  3. my balls itch 😔

    1. Horseyy


      Do they?!

    2. hentailover101


      Not any more bb

  4. congratulations! you will be getting unbanned early!

    I will personally make sure that you are properly given all compensation for the trouble of you being banned!

    And to top it all off... you can join any faction you want for FREE!!! 


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    2. Zachman


      sheeesh it looks like you were right actually 

    3. Horseyy


      Its almost like like you were right all along

    4. hysteria


      dude ikr I literally predict the future

  5. Hmmmm

  6. Soooo when you gonna stop reacting and start given input??😩

    1. hysteria


      Soooo when am I going to care? never 

      get off my profile pls 

    2. Horseyy


      You remind me of shrimps.

    3. Deviluke


      Peace and love ❤️

  7. @sixty you comin back??

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    2. sixty


      But yes I have come back I'm just not gonna make a post

    3. Horseyy


      Awesome, I’d jus block out all that useless noise people come back and play all the time. I think people notice you more than others because you actually made a positive impact with your leadership.

    4. sixty


      Huh I don't think I got good leadership but if you think so!

  8. riding round’ in uh rova’ if we cross paths it’s ova’

    1. JackJJ


      Nah it's, "If I see opps then it's ova."

    2. Horseyy


      Ahhhh yes yes now that I hear it I’d does sound more like that 

  9. Happy to see the changes can’t wait till I can get on and see all the cool new shit that’s been added since I’ve been away. I personally don’t think the addition of Taliban is necessary rn and I’d prefer maybe the addition of UK instead. Back when I was in IJU Taliban was a cesspool of minges and most leaders (atleast for haqqani and IJU) were pretty shitty. The toxicity that just naturally comes from Taliban and its recruits drives a lot of players away and I think that’s why the server had to change to ru because no one was playing Taliban. But overall such a cool update and gives more ways
  10. Were you in MARSOC at one point? I remember you streaming roblox phantomforces with shrimps and other people. I went by pony at the time I think.

    1. Ting


      i was in marsoc a few times, but if ur talking about csc_desert, i was a WO in marines under the name "archi" @Horseyy

    2. Tora1


      ting goes retard

    3. Ting


      @Tora1 kiss me

  11. @Medinator What is love. Baby don’t hurt me. Dont hurt me. No mo.

  12. @Garnet I know you said this a while ago but if teamspeak usage picks back up along with MRP playerbase are you still open to adding factions back like Taliban and Blackguard?

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    2. Vibe


      GaRnEt Just add back CS Desert and we hit 300 pop guaranteed


    3. Yamagata


      I love CS Desert but the new map is pretty sick. I do think a lot of people just love the nostalgia of CS Desert though. 

    4. hysteria


      csdesert plus tali will make mrp consume all of gmod’s players instantly

  13. Cockinball?!?!

  14. I trust your jusgement but just curious why were the TS ban appeals instantly locked and denied seems like Andreas didn’t really have a reason for the bans just want some insight

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      @Horseyy they were being toxic towards andreas, and were (in some cases screaming) about their appeals being denied. They were banned for an hour. Its not a big deal. 

    3. Andreas_Mitrovic


      First harrasment from joe gatto in game pms
      discord pms for letting him in some dudes base and i told him no
      got in ts screaming at mi and thats it

    4. Horseyy


      @Shin_Tsukimi@Andreas Thank you for the clarification the ban was definitely just if that is the case.

  15. Cumguy9 What about your brotherin cumguy 1 cumguy 2 etc?!?!,!

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