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  1. I trust your jusgement but just curious why were the TS ban appeals instantly locked and denied seems like Andreas didn’t really have a reason for the bans just want some insight

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      @Horseyy they were being toxic towards andreas, and were (in some cases screaming) about their appeals being denied. They were banned for an hour. Its not a big deal. 

    3. Andreas_Mitrovic


      First harrasment from joe gatto in game pms
      discord pms for letting him in some dudes base and i told him no
      got in ts screaming at mi and thats it

    4. Horseyy


      @Shin_Tsukimi@Andreas Thank you for the clarification the ban was definitely just if that is the case.

  2. Cumguy9 What about your brotherin cumguy 1 cumguy 2 etc?!?!,!

  3. Keep it up your doing great!

    1. Horseyy


      Can we go for three?!?


  5. I remember being a 2GA KST and always wanting this. Leaders of army and 2GA will be able to get so much outta this especially in trainings and sims. Even though I can’t play the updates your pushing out look great. Best of luck the entry faction leadership.
  6. @CountryThomas Are you serious dude? You better have a really good excuse for scamming someone outta 50$

    1. DaddyIssues


      Don't worry man he needed  the 50 bucks to get his cock enlarged

  7. Anyone know how to get a large amount of weed past TSA

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    2. Krim1


      juice wrld type beat 

    3. Horseyy


      Idk bout you but if my headstone said I died by shoving a 28 gram jar of weed up my ass I’d be proud

    4. Shin_Tsukimi


      Just get your sneak to 100, grab some ancient shrouded light armor, and get past those bastard guards.

  8. Stop giving me negative reacts for literally no reason please.

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    2. Krim1


      Cringe kid

    3. hysteria



    4. Horseyy


      Too toxic too toxic gotta dash

  9. Ohhh this is fucking sick emotes a such a cool way to incentivize premium points and offers a different way to spend points besides those pricey skins and hats.
  10. bru wait let me get this straight you have multiple bans on record and have made a lot of mistakes in your past and you talk about how it doesn't define you but you talk about changing your vote on my ap after seeing the clips of me mic spamming and shit. Lmfao kinda scummy.

    1. JackJJ


      The only difference between your situation and his situation is time. The clips of you mic spamming were taken days, possibly weeks before your application which is a very short amount of time, definitely not enough to change yourself and the way you act. However, Horseyy's incidents were long enough ago that there is a chance that he's learned his lesson and changed. Also, it doesn't help that the clips of you mic spamming and being toxic were taken AFTER the staff application you just had where it was denied because of your "ridiculous behavior". I'm not trying to defend Horseyy because I definitely do not know about his past well enough, but I'm just trying to explain to you the difference between your situations. As a side note, I only gave Horseyy my referral for the sole reasons of him being active and cool on the forums, as well as his good and friendly behaviour in-game. I know that his past really doesn't bode well for him, but I wanted to give him a chance because from the things he's said to me, it really seems like he wants a second chance to redeem himself and he fully regrets any bad decisions that he has made. Again, I do not know much, if anything at all about his past, so take my opinion of him with a grain of salt.

    2. Horseyy


      Trust me Frank I’ve been put in your situation so many times. And I believe that one or a couple incidents shouldn’t define you for the rest of your time on GG but as jack said the videos were taken pretty recently. If you re apply within 2 weeks and no more videos or evidence comes up I’m sure you’ll get accepted.

  11. Feel free to leave input on my appeal man. Really needing it rn. It’d be nice to get more people’s opinions abt me.

  12. New episode of attack on titan!😁

  13. Even though I cant play on the server anymore. This update looks amazing and will definitely be an attention grabber for new players.
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