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  1. got a strange itch

  2. Crown Vic ?? ? ? ?? ? ? Util truck?????
  3. This is me writing a public message on phantoms feed

  4. i reall y do be chillen tho

  6. Great work @Garnet! Very cool map, the new roads are a lot more satisfying.
  7. Nice! No more waiting 10 years to craft a stack of 5.56! Also I'm moving today but as soon as I'm done I'll try to contact you.
  8. Love the overhaul of clans, too bad my clan lead is inactive, I do like the squadW name. If you can place doors, can we assume you can place codelocks and keylocks? Also add Shop Fronts if door replacing is a thing as well.
  9. Nice! People have asked for that a few times and I'm glad to see it added.
  10. How tho Also good update Garnet, very cool!
  11. I think at this point the only issue the Rust 5x faces is (i know, we thought we fixed it) Raid Block. The main complaint people give on the server and ultimately many people leave is how extreme Raid Block is. At this point in time, I would recommend allowing ALL BUILDING except for upgrades and repairing. Upgrading in Raid Block destroys the building, repairing just does nothing. I can post another suggestion if needed, but this is just what I've gathered from watching chat and talking with players. A poll might even mitigate the issue. TL;DR Proposed Raid Block Effects: -No Trading
  12. models/props_c17/consolebox01a.mdl - Standard Money Printer models/props_lab/reciever_cart.mdl - Advanced Money Printer
  13. Or you can enjoy the 14 day grace period I've given you to spend that money. You're going on about a problem that doesn't exist, because 'money packages' are our lowest sellers, they're pretty pointless and have not been purchased recently. Other than that, why buy money if you're just going to have it sitting in your inventory for over 30 days?
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