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  1. got a strange itch

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      Gabe Itches

  2. This is me writing a public message on phantoms feed

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      unfunny, i did it first

  3. i reall y do be chillen tho

  5. models/props_c17/consolebox01a.mdl - Standard Money Printer models/props_lab/reciever_cart.mdl - Advanced Money Printer
  6. Or you can enjoy the 14 day grace period I've given you to spend that money. You're going on about a problem that doesn't exist, because 'money packages' are our lowest sellers, they're pretty pointless and have not been purchased recently. Other than that, why buy money if you're just going to have it sitting in your inventory for over 30 days?
  7. At the peak of Impacted Servers DarkRP (dead since 2014), Bloodwave had a system for money printers that I think tops everything I've seen. The mechanics worked like this: A Standard Money Printer printed $10/30sec. It cost $100 and could not be repaired or upkeeped. It would last between 45 minutes-hour, at which point the display would give an error saying "BOARD FAILURE - ERROR 8903" basically meaning the board cannot be salvaged no matter what you do. Plain and simple, easy $1,100(max). Max # allowed per player was 4 at a time, for maximum profitability. An Advanced Money Printer printed in between $20-$100/30 sec. It cost $2,000, and could be repaired with a new print spool costing $100, which would need to be administered every 15 minutes, 5 times, at which point the printer would break outright. Maximum profit $13,000 over a span of an hour and 15 minutes. (If you could keep them that long, as they will be a target for theft in raids) Maximum # allowed per player was 2, for balance and for the incentive to steal them in raids. You could stop here, but there was another aspect to printers that made for a good activity for a newly added job. The Technician (without addition, players could just buy Repair Kits in the Entity menu) Salary: $100/hour Role: Legally sells printer Repair Kits for $100 each from a store. ILLEGALY goes to bases and repairs printers on demand for a higher price. (This is because normally law enforcement wouldn't try to incarcerate an innocent Computer Technician for selling a Counterfeiter parts for a standard printer. That would be absurd. But if Law Enforcement ever caught someone in the same position KNOWINGLY repairing illegal machines, the Technician would be arrested on sight.) You could add more printers with buffed numbers, but VIP shouldn't = cash in my opinion. I dont even play darkrp why did i type this
  8. I miss old DarkRP, where getting above 200k was an accomplishment. Now, if you don't have 5+ mil, youre a fucking loser.
  9. Before the days of Anycast and other big DDoS protection programs/services, a server was pretty much at the will of whatever DDoS happy player was preying on them at the time. Impacted Servers (dead) lost over a month of uptime within a 6 month span due to DDoSing in 2014.
  10. https://web.archive.org/web/20190407114320/https://forum.facepunch.com/gmodgd/bsryo/Anycast-DDoS-Protection-How-many-popular-servers-are-manipulating-pings/1/ https://gflclan.com/work/projects/misc/contact-facepunch-and-valve-regarding-anycast-in-garrys-mod-r24/ Posts like these brought the Anycast DNS DDoS protection to the surface in terms of how the servers using it were getting boosted Ping Ratings and causes smaller servers, even though their pings would be lower, on the lower part of the lists. This was a problem to some people (lets be honest, small/medium time server owners), because it can cause the average player to just connect based off the high number of players and low* ping. * = Example: a German player sees Garnet MRP on the server browser as good ping, and can even ping from outside as low as 80ms. As soon as said player is connected, they will spike to 150-200 due to the ping being connected directly instead of "spoofed" through DNS. (This is all in laymens terms so people reading this don't just scratch their heads) Facepunch has released little to no news on this issue. r/gmod is nothing but user generated content, and no Facepunch reps have posted to it in over a month. What Garnet put above is the only issue we really face at this moment. With the amount of DDoS and general attacks the servers get due to our notoriety and popularity within the GMod community, the servers would be fried in minutes. Until either Facepunch or the host find an alternative to Anycast that is good enough for the servers to stay up, expect slowed down playercounts. The best thing we can do is let everyone know the server is still up and well, it just needs to be joined through the Legacy browser or through console. IPs: Connect in console for DarkRP Connect in console for MilitaryRP Good news: Rust servers still poppin, the less looked after 2x even has 30 players! 5x of course sitting pretty at 100+ almost at all times.
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