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  1. suck it whu, you're trash

    1. Ozzy


      You don’t want anything to do with the squad on Roblox, bud.

    2. Early6111


      post up in criminality

    3. Ozzy


      Catch the smoke on Bad Business.

  2. May he rest in peace, this world is too cruel.
  3. [Community Event] MilitaryRP | Luck of the Irish [3/17/20201]
  4. I was about to buy the salute swep so thank you for removing that, sad to see the default GMod animations go though.
  5. Charlie, my names were Official_Microsoft_Scammer, MarshmellowTv, and Your Doctor Zoidberg.

    1. eXg-Buddha


      Why are you still posting status updates 

  6. I never said that it wasn't RDM, I knew it was RDM but I did not care since the other people didn't care and were ruthless, sometimes the admins weren't even on.

    1. eXg-Buddha


      Actually 106.7 is KISS FM just letting ya know

    2. eXg-Buddha


      Actually I'm retarded. 106.7 is world famous KROQ. 98.7 is KISS FM

  7. This kid is actually retarded, reply's on my post to say that I forgot about the mass RDMs, no I didn't forget about the mass RDMs. And just because I come back a year later doesn't mean anything, when I couldn't find the forums I was discouraged and stopped trying. Now yesterday I was looking for games to play and remembered Garnet and remembered that I was banned so I went to the forums and it was much easier to find the ban appeals. Back in early 2018/late 2017 it wasn't like that and the admin gave me no information on how to get there, obviously you wouldn't know since you joined in September 2018. 

    1. Charlie


      whats your old name I might remember you

    2. dannkeb


      Thanks for calling me retarded. Just can’t understand how hard it is to search for garnet gaming on google but ok u veteran. 

    3. Early6111


      Its called discouragement DannKeb, also Charlie my old names were Official_Microsoft_Scammer, Your Doctor Zoidberg, and MarshmellowTV. 


  8. I never openly admitted to scripting.

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