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  1. Hey how about you and your “loving community” ass that joined the day this post was made leaves it alone so actual community members that strive for something like this don’t get denied cause of a stupid acquaintance in really life made a few random comments. Speaking of which, who are you exactly? I have never seen you on forums, except in this thread, have yet to see you on any garnet server. You said you never play on this server and if all you want to do is attack our members I think it should stay that way, now stop harassing people here and let us decide on who we want, as a community, for staff and we will base it off of what we have seen from said community member in our server network.
  2. +1 in the TS 24/7, and always on the server, would love to see him on the staff team add me to refs!
  3. I mean I definitely don’t have my pictures atm because I’m on my phone (I’ll add them later) but if you would ever like me to possibly do an edit of these pics id be more than happy to. (I’ll post those later as well, when I’m off my phone)
  4. Adding on to what @eXg-Buddha had said, the anti cheat is still needing to be looked at as lots of players have been banned so far by it and garnet needs to check it out. In fact I’m pretty sure it was going to ban me as well yesterday because it said “Acquiring Steam Auth” for about 5 minutes until I just went on the rotational server. personally I believe it detects a certain software or file in some people’s computers and can ban off of that. Now if you were actually banned by one of our staff then you can provide proof here of why it should be undone.
  5. Maybe not a full 2x it but like 1.5x cause yeah people are toxic in TTT, but I like the idea because right when I’m talking to someone and I’ll always get to the important part and it will just BAM cut out. And sometimes that can be annoying when talking about who the traitor may or may not be and, ya know, those situations that could get someone capped. I know my reasoning is specific but I do believe that the chat should be extended.
  6. +1 these are always easy to just copy and paste to the people who wonder for these things, and it’s nice to have some more people in TS with us
  7. Yeah this really says it all, you’ve got my +1, and honestly I do wanna day that was nice that you got to meet all the staff, or at least most, before you applied. So yeah, +1 and hope to see you on the team!
  8. Yeah +1, this guy has been hitting some crazy shots with pistols in DM and its honestly blatant hacking here. This guy is definitely hacking
  9. -1 Not really a paragraph, let alone 2. I don't think that the application is really clean - what I mean is that I don't think its really perfected, I think that the paragraphs, if you make 2, should show why you stand out. We expect 2 paragraphs here by the way because its been like that for what I believe is a few years, and is more of a 'set-in-stone' type of rule, it doesn't take long and I highly recommend doing it if you hope to achieve this position. I'm sure you are highly qualified but we just want a little more to it so we can be sure we want you on the staff team. Hope you take this advice and edit your staff app.
  10. +1 I like variety despite my only using the body armor as each T and D, but I’m sure others would be able to use these and make the games more interesting.
  11. +1 Buddha has only proven to me that he is a devoted server member and a head of the community, I think he’d make excellent TTT staff
  12. In game name: Captainswag/Swag Age: 16 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83545103 Timezone: EST Playtime on TTT server: Approximately an hour, I will verify when I can get on and get my actual playtime, but it is fairly low (yes I know, but my first 200 hours on Gmod were TTT and Murder almost exclusively and I have experience on these servers). Teamspeak Access + Microphone: Yes Ability to Screen record while playing TTT: only through screenshots due to recording technology not picking up my mic Referrals: none Past Staffing Experience: Held positions from mod to Super Admin/Executive on a few servers that lasted a month at the longest (2 SWRP servers, and a few DarkRP servers, I think 2) Why should we choose you over other applicants? (2 paragraph minimum): So this little introductory as to why I am applying is NOT what I count as my paragraphs, keep that in mind. I am applying to help the TTT server as they are low on staff currently and I have been wanting to help the community in another way for a long time. Now I’m not going to lie, I can’t say any reason for me to get staff over any other community member, as a staff member you need to be ready for what the server throws at you. Now almost anyone with proper training can help by banning a cheater or warning someone and enforcing rules and such, and therefore that’s why I am applying. I may not be taken seriously by most community members but when given a job I can do it (after training of course). I hope to assist the current staff on TTT in any way I can. I can’t say I’m the most qualified for a staff position, or I’m the most serious person that you see on these forums, but I assure you that I have my moments where I am serious, or where I can show leadership. Honestly my getting this position would entirely be up to the community’s view of me and I understand and respect that. If I were to get staff I’d be sure to do my best and be active (unless something life changing in real life were to come up), but I don’t want to be staff if the community does not see me fit in that position. I hope I have explained to you why I hope to achieve this staff position, and have proven to you why I should get it. How much time do you have to contribute to this role?: A few hours after school, Friday’s I mostly play games I don’t have time for during the week. And weekends I am free for most of my day, some weekends I am away from my computer, but this is more rare.
  13. Well better to have a laggy server than no server at all I guess. At least we can still continue DRP and MRP stuff, just hopefully no one actually follows through with the DDOSing nowadays cause then itll be one of those big things all throughout the community, on forums, discord. You peoples know how it is, but yeah luckily the servers are back up. So good job
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