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  1. May Allah bless us for the next 12 months brothers! no but seriously, hope you all are doing great so far!
  2. How has everyone been recently? Been a while since I’ve checked in?

  3. One year ago today, word association game started

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    2. GameClicher


      Really? I thought it was the 19th.

    3. ajbedhead


      It's ngl kinda crazy tho

    4. Captainswag


      I remember exactly where I was when I made my first post on it, I still had short hair haha

  4. I’d love to see how this map would look in unreal engine, looking good garn!
  5. Here is an abomination I made in blender

    Its only potential it has really is being a new model of ghost in Phasmophobia. 

    How are you all doing today?

    1. poopa


      the feet tho

    2. Captainswag


      Oh it haunts my dreams, don’t worry, I made sure

  6. Game Ideas I thought up, without context, by swag
    (concept art i made in 2 minutes really)
  7. So, I want to change my Discord and Steam Profile pictures, I have had this current one since I was an SNS in 2GA, and I always have loved it, but I dont actually own it, I found it online, I would love to make my own so I have the rights to it and all though, so does anyone have any ideas?
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    2. Prince


      you should make it one of the We Were Here arts you drew, Or just one of the cool looking ones would be sick!

    3. Captainswag


      Well this isnt original, but a friend said that I look like "Ron Stoppable" from some show. Soooo they took that, and my love for the WWH explorers and added my glasses aaaaaand....


      I gotta admit, I like it, but I don't know if it should be my PFP all the time

    4. Prince


      Yea idk about keeping it for as long as you have had your current one but that looks pretty sick tbh

  8. November 7th, 2018

    I believe that was the day I joined, either that or the 8th. 2 years, in that time I’ve been a part of 2GA, GRU, SSO, 91st, TTT staff and made a countless amount of friends on here. I can’t believe how fast time flies eh?

    Enjoy the present people! And have a great day!

    1. Soldier


      You sound a lot like my Orchestra teacher, trying to stay positive and reminiscing lmao.

      Yeah, it's crazy to think that a year ago I was in 2GA, was not fully retarded, and was about to get a girlfriend. You never realize how good shit is until you lose it 😕

    2. Gildarts


      and youre still a shitter with a sister who will bang me

    3. Captainswag


      @Gildarts That.. that is pretty accurate...

  9. Metro Exodus- Fucking amazing


    i haven’t finished it, but it is a great game, and I think everyone, provided they are into single player games, should try it out, if you are only interested in this game out of the 3 in the series, it’s still worth it (I recommend you read up on the others though heh). Great story, great engine, great graphics, and holy shit it is now in my top 10 Singleplayer games of all time list. So far, 9.3/10!


    Any good single player titles you boyos have played recently? Wanna give a short review (like this one) on? I’d love to hear it!

  10. Just about a year ago we played WWH, time sure does fly hm?



    I miss playing those games...

  11. Missing attacking Comms with Ethan Greshnev hours...



    How you guys doing?

    1. Jalapeno


      Good, what about you? ❤️

    2. Captainswag


      Quite alright, and that’s good to hear!

  12. Brain Damage Hours



    Hows y’all nights going?

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      All I can taste right now is my puke, and all I can feel in my nose is it burning from puke. So not a very good night so far lmao

    2. Captainswag


      Sorry to hear that Mr Shin, must be pretty bad, hope ya feeling better soon 

  13. Wibnorb




  14. Me miss friend...

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