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  1. Hey Peoples Swag here

    Thought I would point out that Control is free this week on epic, as well as Discord Nitro for 3 Months!

    To get Nitro, just claim it on Epic and then it may take a little bit for them to send you an email to claim it. Thought I would share, hope you guys are having a good one!

    1. Clicher


      Nitro only works for people who have never had it before.

  2. Anyone else not able to connect to the forums on their PC? I can only do it on phone, it just doesn’t load on my computer. 😞

  3. Eyyo new guns! And No Target always helpful! Cant wait to see this in play!
  4. Sounds good, I will keep ya in the loop when I get more info.
  5. Doing my best (To contact his family). And thanks for the kind words, I am sadly not too great at showing appreciation, and it has been a rough time as of late I must say currently, but I hope you know it means a lot. Hope all of you peoples have been doing good during this time, i know Gamma had a strong impact on many of us here, and i hope you all are doing okay, and if it is needed, even supporting each other. Hopefully the days get easier for all of us. And I will continue to keep you all updated on the status of his family, as of now I have given them condolences, and am hoping to
  6. Thank you for writing this out Garn, it means a lot, and I am sure many of us feel the same. I hope his family is doing alright at this time. Gamma, I love you man, you know that. Hopefully i get to see ya again someday. /me salutes, with a tear in my eye. Back in 2019, when i first heard him speak *Mic Click* Gamma: "Mmm.. salad." Me: "Gamma? You have a mic!?" Gamma: "Yes!" Ethan: "Yeah hes had one swag."
  7. /me salutes, with a tear in my eye

  8. #Gabbro

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jake


      where is my fucking tea

    3. eli_


      Would you like fresh crumpets too? 

    4. Captainswag


      Shit, Gamer! We dropped another blue-crate! I think it blew up on a house in the village! Don't tell Caspian whatever you do! *Explosions*

  9. Heya Peoples, Swag here

    Any of you guys play that game Enlisted? If ya did/currently do, what are your thoughts on it?

    Personally i enjoy it, but was hoping to see what others may have to say!

    1. Bortnik_


      I don't but i've seen a few ads on it recently, seems interesting


    2. Captainswag


      Its fun, AI is still a little janky, but fun!

  10. What's on your mind?

    1. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      Wanting to make my mom proud in my adult life.

    2. aidanpoppas123
  11. Welp, Star Wars day, meaning today is a day to remember all the good SWRP moments!

    ...wait... my memory is shit...
    @eli_ you were there! How did SWRP go before i got punched by a tree? Any good memories you wanna reflect on?

    All i got is the flying TX130 in mind, and the backwards-hyperspace maneuver Gabbro pulled.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Aparh


      327th and Jedi ❤️ I miss my big forehead

      Ki-Adi-Mundi | Wookieepedia | Fandom

      i had such a nice forehead

    3. Aparh


      apparently the picture didn't load but its a picture of ki-adi mundi lmao

    4. Captainswag


      All are beautiful memories, and sorry we cant see the 327th but yeah i remember Ki Adi Mundi and all - early days were fun as all hell, but the final moments of the server were also amazing, although those people never really made forums accounts so sadly they cant submit stupid pics and vids
      Thank you all for the nostalgia!
      Means a good lot boyos! 😁

  12. Take a shower, I can smell you from my discord


    jk love you ❤️ 

    1. Horseyy


      My dear boy... Ethan is no longer with us

    2. Captainswag



  13. Meme.png



    1. Captainswag


      Good ol days

  14. Still a major WIP, but it has been quite the time-gap not only since I have posted my art here, but also made any in the first place. My last "piece" was made on January 7th, and this is the first time I have put pen-to-paper since.
    image0.jpgLemme know what you guys think!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. thomasJeffersontypebeat


      Ayeee it looks badass!!! I play a shit ton of TF as well, I haven't played it in a long time, I have over 3k hours in it Lmao, great drawing tho, keep it up!

    3. Captainswag


      Still working on it, its two pieces of paper now so i have to hold it together for the time being, but now i just need to do legs!

    4. thomasJeffersontypebeat


      looks fucking sick!!!!!

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