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  1. Nice to know the Murder server is getting some attention lol. Hopefully this makes it more enjoyable.
  2. Sure it had a good firing rate, but didn't make it a laser.
  3. So your telling me Venom can KOS Spiderman anytime he sees him? Also like the Nerf to the Browning and the buff to the ares. So will the different zombie tiers give different rewards?
  4. I love you sooo much. May the minge army finally die.
  5. Yes yes yes! Like the update Garnet!
  6. So when will the rest of the last update go through? (Like /unown and Managers and VIP Mods popping up on info tab)
  7. So when will all of this go live? Only see the duel, staff on duty models, and the inventory get added. Nothing else yet.
  8. Garnet, this has been the best update so far. Thanks for this!
  9. Nice to know people won't make any more reports about being stuck!
  10. So I see the word game and stuff, but what are the scramble points used for?
  11. Fuck, I like PoliceRP but wasn't here when it was up. I hope I can play it when it does come out.
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