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  1. i love your PFP lmaoo🤣

    1. Tuna


      Embrace the inner shitpost

  2. Thinking about april fools day

  3. why is the forums a square now

    1. Jake


      you are banned from these

    2. hysteria


      thinking about doing them again for Tuna since he is banned from doing them

  4. Shoutout to my barber dawg

    1. Aparh


      holy smokes dude, shoutout to my barber dawg

    2. Tuna


      His barber is great. 10/10  shoutouts

  5. It would be pretty cool to have something like TC, like a small obj with mountains surrounding the whole area
  6. Thinking about bringing it back

    1. Jake


      you're still in AFSOC, rules apply

    2. hysteria


      he is in SSO, i give him permission

    3. Tuna


      Thinking, not definitive

  7. new signature

    only monkey

    1. hysteria


      very interesting 

  8. Delta has a strong lead, so I went around and found some issues, all of which are aesthetic, but nonetheless issues. When I played this map I was always stationed at Embassy so that's where the issues stuck out to me. In this screenshot the models' lighting makes them super dark making it hard to identify the model.... but if you move slightly to the right, you appear bright as day... here is a side-by-side The trees' lighting looks very off to me, this is just an opinion but they look very goofy without shadows
  9. This update looks great, just hoping the prone mod wont totally freak out
  10. moved my setup around, looks cleaner. 🙂 

    1. Jake


      i banned you from these didnt i

    2. Tuna


      @Jake only from "those retarded ass status updates" 

    3. skrt
  11. Thinking about my final thoughts

  12. Thinking about George lopez on nick at night / nickelodeon

  13. Thinking about punching trees for logs

  14. Thinking about how Jimmy's mod killed tesla

  15. Thinking about Jimmy's mom from jimmy neutron

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