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  1. Happy Birthday Gamma. After looking through clips and stuff I can see that you always advocated for me. Rest In Peace King.

  2. Happy Birthday, my friend. Your legacy and memory will live on in our hearts and minds.

  3. happy birthday gamma

  4. hopefully this birthday is in a better place man I miss you 

  5. Rest in peace my friend. Gone, but never forgotten. ❤️

  6. Rest well wherever you're headed friend. Hope the journey beyond treats you kinder than here.

  7. I'm not sure if I ever interacted with you before but, I hope you're at peace now; I can relate alot to how you felt I really hope no one faults you RIP buddy.

  8. I honestly wish I'd completely dropped this community from my mind just so I didn't have the idea to come back to the forums just to see this.


    We weren't good friends, had a lot of beef at times, and even when we did get friendly during my most recent stint on mrp, I still had some resentment for our past. But I'll die on a hill proclaiming that you single handedly made viva's vega what it was. I really wish I knew you outside of the community to say things about you that aren't related to this community.

    I know for a fact you were ride or die for your friends (my main beef with you back then). And I know a ton of people are sad. I remember you giving the community a firm goodbye, and the thought never crossed my mind that it would actually be a final goodbye. I'm so accustomed to seeing old players return. 

    I'm sorry for being a dick to you when I was, I'm sorry things didn't go well for you in life. And I desperately hope things are better wherever you are now.

  9. I am speechless... To think that you are gone gets to me on every emotional level. You have greatly impacted the community and all of us. We thank you for all the great moments you have brought upon us. Rest easy buddy, we love and miss you. ❤️  

  10. I honestly can't stop thinking about this...it just doesn't feel real. I just hope you enjoy your time wherever you go my friend. I'll see you when I go. Rest Easy, In Love, and In Peace. 

    1. JackJJ


      Suicide is crazy. It's really hard to think that anyone can be suffering at any time and they can just be gone all of a sudden, forever. To anyone who is suffering, please talk to someone you can trust or seek professional help. Even reaching out a little can save your life and I know you may not feel like it right now, but life is worth living and there are people who care about you, whether you know it or not.

  11. Myself and many other people are going to miss you. Your heart was always in a good place when it came to others. Rest easy 

  12. Wish I would’ve become friends with you. At least you’re happy now ❤️

  13. I didn't know how to double jump until you taught me how to.

    Thanks for that man, really.

  14. Rest in love

  15. Gamma, I really wish I got to have a chance to talk to you but sadly that is no longer possible.

    I hope heaven treats you the best.

    You will be remembered by many for how greatly you impacted their lives for the better.

    Rest in peace.

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