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  1. @Dutchviper5 @Red1432 so you create an account on the forums only to -1 staff application because you know me in real life and want to be funny. I don't play games with you online and if you knew that then you would know that what I said in my application is true. Also 1 of you hasn't played in almost a year and the other one has never played garnet as a whole.
  2. -1 It seems as though after Enigma told you to change your paragraphs you put 0 effort in coming up with another paragraph that has many grammatical errors and punctuation errors. This is also not a good quality to have because Garnet is looking for good competent staff members not ones who are likely to just act without reason or evidence.
  3. I will edit that, I agree 1.5x is better
  4. So @Greenrune113 the anti-cheat is a newly implemented system and we are still working with it so bear with Garnet for a while so that he can get it sorted out. It is possible that you might've not been cheating but still cheating is a wide topic and it means that you were probably exploiting without knowing. Just be patient with it and if it is proven that you were just exploiting then your ban will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. Suggestion: Increase the Voice Chat Length for the Innocents/Traitors and the Detective by 1.5x and increase the speed at which the chat bar refills itself. I know that this is to prevent Mic spamming and Diss but the time is way too short to communicate longer messages or a lot of information about a traitor, dead body, etc and even then staff still has the gag command to mute any player who might be mic spamming or dissing. Why?: This allows for player to talk longer about a situation if it requires an explanation or if someone is talking about a hectic situation in short increments.
  6. Suggestion: Add more messages on the Minecraft TTT Minecraft server and the Rotational Server such as the ones on MRP that lead you to the Garnet Gaming Teamspeak, Forums, etc. (Examples at the bottom) Also separate the messages that are currently in for applying for staff and donating to the server so that players have an easier time reading it whilst playing in game. Why?: Players that join the server and like Garnet can get involved with the Community and Teamspeak increasing player count and player experience. Examples: Join the Garnet Gaming Teamspeak for TTT! Put in the IP: or Address: ts.garnetgaming.net Become a member on the Garnet Gaming Forum Website and join our Community at garnetgaming.net/forums/ ! Is a Player/Staff Member breaking a rule? Make a report on our website on garnetgaming.net/forums/ .
  7. -1 Whilst killing Greed towards the end of you killing him you would aim to the right and flick him almost 3 times in a row. When I died you continued to flick right onto my dead body without aiming whilst I was flying in the air.
  8. @Tuna Fish SandwichThank you for your response. I do believe that I have changed since then considering that it was several months ago and when I first joined MRP. I have improved on my behavior and maturity in those departments over time but thanks again.
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