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  1. Garnet you hot as fuck to bad I am away this entire weekend
  2. Also I suggest as a rule only to be able to spawn realistic looking props and only be able to build inside your building as it would relieve retarded drp based from getting on prp
  3. Get rid of vip mod please I’m not trying to have Wendell’s on mrp
  4. good update but but as stated some of the commands don’t work
  5. Cause I really don’t want to make another account tbh don’t really like this cause apperently my steam account is already link but it isn’t linked to this account so idk
  6. Wait why can I just keep my old registration account
  7. Ey glad to have you back garnuts
  8. Why make events? Jk that’s sick
  9. I like the graffiti on the walls. Definitely a nice update of the old map sofar
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