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  1. hm.. chaharikar is back? shit guess i gotta remake the meme "oh fuck war is over" nice map man
  2. your percision if its the same from DRP is actually better than the other one you were using just wanted to point that out but good update
  3. bro didnt reply to my resignation ;-;

    1. stretchy


      I don't reply to anyones posts unless it is to help, staff applications and reports/appeals.

      Though enjoy whatever you going to do now.

  4. sir!!! I made a suggestion to give both base factions new classes and low an behold infiltrator/sniper is a thing cause of thaaat!!, not much else you really needa add to base faction kinda why SOC gets cooler stuff like expo and lock picks But overall good update will be having fun with the ranger classes. good job mr garnut
  5. wake up

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    2. hysteria


      not yet mom, 5 more minutes

    3. Fetn


      wake up

    4. hysteria


      not yet mom, 5 more minutes

  6. Fetn

    wake up

  7. titan sir check discord

  9. Fetn

    aint no way bigmans on forums rn

    1. xo6o


      Had to pop my head in for a quick second to see if it is still a shitstorm, well at least someone left.

  10. the real jay kenneth? 

  11. literally... lore was already talked about... an wasn't taken serious.. but okay the rest of the update is good. good job
  12. can GM get those... an H.GM... but good fixes
  13. Thank you so fucking much holy fuck these classes will help out a lot with afghan an army both. Overall good update hope to see more updates like this
  14. uh.. I sort of.. explained that in my suggestion post ;-; but hopefully the swrp guys have fun with all the stuffs they got in this update!
  15. so.. will AF factions be removed? 

  16. im so sad ;-; my gm tools! lol well rip
  17. woah woah woah not my fault man but good update love to see it
  18. sir can i get a teamspeak channel again in teamspeak...

  19. holy shit thank you so much, i fucking love you for this update good update g man
  20. You fought 2 jedi once in a event, rip the 41st jedi commander!
  21. Just get more money... But overall good update but sad that perks cost more now lol Like the custimizables but i wont be able to use them my self pretty cool update
  22. STEAM_0:0:220893720 10/11 months Be able to provide good views from a combat perspective and a RP perspective and be able to give constructive criticism on certain parts of the map.
  23. What commands does H.GM get now? but good update mr nutter!
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