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  1. So was half the staff team. Don't bring that up lmao. I was banned for advertising And yes, Blair is correct. I just wanna do events. I could give two shits if I'm promoted. I have respawn power as smod for some reason and that's all I really need for my events. Keeping things same ol same ol in a dying game where new servers are routinely springing up isn't a good strategy in my opinion. For all of you who think I'm doing this for power that's a fat no. I've been mod this many times because 1. I'm a dumbass and 2. It's easy to get burnt out. Look at Vapr, great dude, but he's just gotten burnt out with all the staff drama he isn't a part of. Also, I'm not interested in management. I'm trying to get into reserves rn, actually. Situations recently have made me sick of all the competition in the lower end and at the end of the day, I just want to play the game.
  2. Really? Nuff said. You've done fine but if we had 3 managers (which we don't), or give gamemasters to another high-ranking admin, (which we have plenty of) I think it would be better for all of the subdivisions. That way you don't have to spread yourself so damn thin and the heads of subdivs can actually focus on one thing at a time.
  3. Have it like it's traditionally been, with one manager per subdiv. That way the events grow and training improves instead of things just being stagnate. No offense to you you've juggled 2, but it's better for everyone when it's evenly distributed.
  4. #proggy4manager I feel like we should encourage staff activity, and spread the workload of divisions so they will be paid attention to
  5. (That's 2 words, going off previous) Vibrator
  6. Using an autistic child to push a geopolitical issue is kind of retarded.
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