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  1. Wish I could remove the hud elements, but whatcha gonna do. Hiding in the alter with vapes Singing campfire songs with Siphilis Sam, and others. A community printer farm we managed to keep going where anyone could claim cash at the printers. Surprised it last as long as it did. Watching Shrek in the theater. Partaking in a satanic cult Doing coke with people in a bar
  2. While I can't say I've been fully active throughout the 4 years here roughly i'm gladly surprised to see the server still kicking regardless of the good or bad I've seen it in. Crazy to think it's been that long, and it's grown this much. Much respect my man. Let's shoot the shit sometimes it's been too long.
  3. Good update. Few minor things I see so far. The timer for the packages seems a little low if you get ones that are pretty far apart. Most people can't consistently hit all 3 so maybe up the time a bit or the speed of deliverymen. Also maybe make the text a bright yellow over the solid white.
  4. Oh yeah. It has many uses once you get over the layout of the program. I don't use it as much as I do say PS just because i'm more experienced in it, but Vector work looks wonderful when done right due to the inherent nature of it.
  5. Yo if you need some basic image work done, or just want a copy of ps hmu man.
  6. You do it I'm coming on personally to set your ass to citizen. No need to restrict a holiday event for players. Of course you can always do the standard laws for guns and what not as that works too.
  7. Honestly that's a bit of a dick move I just wouldn't do it.
  8. Welp, rip DJ. Good shit on the other stuff though.
  9. Ah okay my mistake then. Good stuff regardless.
  10. Nice stuff. Starting to remind me of when magic banned me from vice lmao when it was up. Question though. Would it be possible to add xp gains for the other jobs such as that? Like when you make meth, or grow weed along with the police when they arrest someone.
  11. Jake Paul is a cuck. Anyway nice update. Make me wanna nut. A question though. Will the new map make a return once everything is stabilized, and every thing that needs to be is all done? Or we keeping v4c_v2 for good again?
  12. Good stuff. Much appreciated man.
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