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  1. Airfield Remove the windows in pictures to open up grenade/sniper sightlines as the only possible way to launch AOE utility into OBJ is through the roof/doors into OBJ. Add a door to the back to enter the first floor. Add a rope to the back of OBJ for roof access. Possibly add another roof hole or hatch to directly access the 2nd floor. Remove the concrete around the door frame. It’s very tight and only allows for 1 body to walk through them which is cluttered. Open up the area for movement a bit more. Remove this wall entirely to the garage. It only allows one body to push the first floor through the garage at a time and the tank would serve as suitable cover on its own without that wall. Add cover to the roof. Concrete barriers, boxes etc. Adding Cover to this road will improve attacking for both sides. It is very open and whatever nation holds AA can easily cut off reinforcements. Similar to the first-floor suggestion, remove the door frames to allow more than one body to come through. Currently, at the top of the stairs, it is a 50/50 angle which is super easy to hold if players hold a crossfire. It gets very cluttered up there when trying to push obj. The consoles here are easy to headglitch and maintain an OP angle on the door, but these aren’t a big deal if you use explosives to clear. If possible, adjust a little so they don't have an angle on the doors. This tower needs to be moved/removed as it can see Tali Gate. Add a few holes into the back wall as the only way over is a boost. Mosque Delete this big tree and push oil over to where it used to be. If I’m correct, oil acts as cover to push the Mosque from, but it’s often just used by Tali to further cut off US reinforcements at GS. Delete/move this truck cause you can headglitch the entire push from GS to Mosque from the garage door. Factory Add a wall where these two blue pillars are as the Tali push from Courtyard/Factory allows them to see down the lane and shoot US before they get near OBJ. If you aren’t a fan of the last suggestion, maybe raise this wall to the height of either pillar. Mosque Add cover to this intersection. This is the sightline from the garage earlier and it just needs a few more obstacles to allow the US to push up from GS. US Base These two buildings are most often used by Tali to basecamp US from, so maybe boarding up some windows or allowing them to be passed through more easily can ease this up. Factory Here are a couple of clips that show powerful sightlines that are most easily accessible by Tali. The wall suggestion at Factory from earlier could fix the first angle, and for the second clip I suggest removing that box completely. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/73942317/d1337Dp94XCf?invite=cr-MSxEeWcsMjM0MDUyMzcs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/74241821/d1337CSDVRtK?invite=cr-MSxSS2UsMjM0MDUyMzcs
  2. 10 hour shower power

  3. Bishopil - Community Management With years of experience on GG and the reopening of one my favorite servers, I am looking to apply for a managerial role. I'd like to talk about my past behavior before anything else and mention that I have previously been community banned for toxicity. During this time, my focus was on my friend group, and I had no real goals of positively contributing to a server or the community. After my return following the community ban, I played on MRP where I focused on real improvement. This then led to my ambition to assist with SWRP upon it's second release. With it's opening, I quickly assumed leadership roles and assisted in teaching newer players with roleplay aspects. I soared through staff ranks and maintained a strong work ethic with SWRP, but eventually, the server closed and I resigned. During that time, my focus was on server betterment and providing a fun experience for everyone playing. This is a perfect example of how effective I can be when my focus is shifted and I believe that this effectiveness can be thoroughly translated over if provided a managerial role. What I learned during my time in an executive position was how much of a pain in the ass I was in my past, because I gained a new perspective when serving SWRP from an executive position and finally understood the strain immature players can cause when building the overall scope for a server. What I miss most about my last venture with SWRP was having the ability to be in a leadership role and truly influence important aspects of the server. I feel that another important aspect about me to mention is my ability to work well with others, while uplifting the attitude of those I work with and those who are along for the ride. I can positively say that I was someone with the ability to completely shift someone's outlook on a server and grow an interest to see progress. With all of these aspects still in my arsenal, I wish to take on more responsibilities than I have in my past and serve in a community management role.
  4. Active status update reminding you that getting on SWRP is the move rn

    1. Bortnik


      can confirm

    2. eli_


      Big facts

  5. SWRP is going crazy with an upwards of 70 players before 6 EST. Tonight’s event will celebrate that, so if you can, you should get on to celebrate wit us.

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    2. Ziggy


      All the 8th had to leave because of their timezones, but we replaced a lot of them with new players anyways

    3. Dillan


      The brits paved the path 

  6. If you got Valorant and wanna queue drop the riot IDs here 

    1. TJ__


      Bro I've been on streams for like 2 weeks now and haven't gotten shit

    2. Aparh


      I'm on rn if u tryna run 

    3. Ziggy


      I just finished a game and went to bed I’ll lyk tmr if I play 

  7. gn y’all 

    1. Ziggy


      You live in the middle of fucking no where that probably doesn’t even have night or day 

    2. Ziggy


      Sore-y I was up fucking the moose 

  8. The additional event maps and jedi updates are my personal favorites, but everything else looks great as well
  9. Nigga stop relapsing MRP and either resign or find the time to play. Instead of posting on here trying to save your year old reserve rank, you could actually be working towards an earned rank. No, it will have a very fair and positive impact long term. The only people that have a problem with this will be short term, as soon enough, all the niggas complaining on here will either find time or finally leave. I don’t get why anyone needs a reserve rank. If you put so much “time and effort” into a faction then you should be able to leave it behind you with a confidence that whoever you put in charge will do a good job. Instead, they assign someone who they know will keep their free Officer spot on the docs, then they leave for months and come back when they’re bored and immediately have an upper hand over newer players. Or in your case, as Fupert said, come back when they’re pinged on discord to save their rank.
  10. Gamemaster system? SWRP bout to start cooking.
  11. Everything looks good and it’s awesome this suggestions are being pumped out so quickly. Although Don’t know if I can station hoes slide
  12. Really everyone has learned a lot over the years, me especially. I used to be one of the biggest critics of this community even though I loved to be apart of it. It led to nothing good, but after that second chance, now I’m doing my best to help out around SWRP/MRP. I’m fucking ancient in this community and a year ago when I was banned, I never thought I’d be back here leading a bunch of new guys on SWRP. It’s crazy how things change.
  13. Fupert and I copping a perma before that appeal hit @rauler thanks for uploadin for me
  14. Using screenshots from the event server trailer would be a good idea
  15. These are the huge, detailed updates I miss.
  16. Anything implemented to prevent friends going cop -> arresting friends -> farming xp?
  17. Yo what I didn’t even realize. Is it actually that played? I’m gonna have to head over there with the boys. Ngl I do miss DR and ZS, but they weren’t as nearly as popular.
  18. Yeah I understand. I was actually fucked so I didn’t mean to be retarded. @Phantom Apologies, seriously. Thank god I didn’t post any more past this. I’ll remember to sign out before I start drinking again xd Is this KH the one with the water in it? Or is that just an obstacle course and KH is something separate. I’ve heard that objective exists, but I’ve actually never went because wars are always at embassy or silo. I’ve only looked at the course with water like once and didn’t actually run through it.
  19. @Phantom I’m really fucking drunk rn but like why u throwing shade nigga just chill out bruh react m to everything with cringe
  20. Nigga the fuck is a MATCH Other than that, not every leader is going to stick to the same tryout from the previous one, so it would be kinda shit if a different leader changed the entire tryout. Plus there’s probably some other ramifications in doing that, such as disconnecting RP even further with a mf teleporter. I think it’s fine how it is.
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