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  1. Account merge poggers!

  2. Dont you praise people when they resign from the server?


    Why the sudden change of heart?

    1. foxtrot54


      big change of heart when witch hunter will not longer be witch hunting

  3. Hello bro, I hit this clip on the new call of duty and was looking for someone to edit? I heard your pretty good at it. Thanks


    1. Krim


      he is retired

  4. How many grams of protein is in sand? 🤔

  5. remember when you were the lock and move man 😳

  6. I've spent maybe 20 minutes and failed about 3 times unfortunately
  7. Yeah I cant log in at all, I think this might be a Garnet specific problem.
  8. Dont know if it was because of the update or not but ammo droids have disappeared since we switched to the event server today and SA c.ant spawn them back in.
  9. Yeah you're right, last night I was able too, but now I am not.
  10. Along with the other command T.Mod also has access to /respawn, don't know how important that is, but it's there. Besides that keep up the good work on SWRP, it will pay off eventually.
  11. You can still join the server, you just need to join through a friend on steam.
  12. Is it fier? Hopefully they’ll help with getting some of the major things fixed
  13. The supply crate lookings fucking epic, great update
  14. Will SV98 be 125 damage or still 100 besides that great update
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